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2784 TEXT 초록우산 어린이재단 광주본부, ‘나눔 맛 지도' 발간하다 The Gwangju Headquarters of Child Fund Korea to Publish 'Food Map of Sharing' According to the Gwangju Headquarters of Child Fund Korea yesterday, a 'Food… 06-02 2128
2783 TEXT 광주하계유니버시아드, 네팔 선수단 돕기 위해 모금 나서다 Gwangju Summer Universiade to Collect Donations to Help Nepalese Team The Gwangju Summer Universiade Organizing Committee and the Gwangju Fire Defense Headquarters have col… 06-02 1995
2782 TEXT 2015 광주하계유니버시아드, 메르스 여파로 비상 걸리다 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade to Be Put on Emergency Alert Due to MERS The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade is dealing with the emergency alert for MERS, the Middle East Respira… 06-02 2328
2781 TEXT 광주하계유니버시아드, ‘유니 브로’ 주관대학으로 호남대학교 선정하다 Gwangju Summer Universiade to Select Honam University as Hosting University of 'Uni-Bro' The LTE On-line Broadcasting Station 'Uni-Bro�… 06-02 2159
2780 TEXT 코레일 광주본부, 하계 ‘내일로 티켓’ 판매 시작하다 Korail Gwangju Headquarters to Start Sales on 'Rail-ro Ticket' for Summer Season The Korail Gwangju Headquarter has begun selling tickets for its 'Rail-ro Ticket&#… 06-02 2016
2779 TEXT 윤장현 시장, 인접 11개 시군 단체와 정책 간담회 개최 Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon Hosts Policy Meeting with Governors Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon will host a policy meeting with county heads and district governors in 11 neighbor… 06-02 1870
2778 TEXT 지난 달 5월, 역대 가장 더운 달 May Marks the Highest Temperature in History This past May marked the highest average temperature since the meteorological observation and recording of the weather and temperatures began in Korea in 1973. … 06-02 1884
2777 TEXT 우치동물원 관람객 2배 증가 Uchi Zoo Park in Gwangju Sees Tourists Doubled Gwangju Uchi Zoo Park has seen a stiff rise in the number of visitors, which has doubled since a major refurbishment of the zoo park facilities. The city of Gwang… 06-02 1926
2776 TEXT 전남 창조 경제 혁신센터, 오늘 여수에서 출범한다 Jeollanamdo Creative Economy Innovation Center to be Launched in Yeosu Jointly organized and established by Jeollanamdo and its conglomerate business partner in the province, the GS… 06-02 1915
2775 TEXT 하계유니버시아드 위한 자원봉사 활동 본격화 Volunteer Activity for the Gwangju Summer Universiade to Begin Today Volunteering activity for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will begin today as a group of volunteers comprised of c… 06-02 1867
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