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2749 TEXT 순천만 정원 관람객, 200만명 돌파 Visitors to Suncheon Bay Surpass 2 Million Mark The total number of visitors to Suncheon Bay and its garden area surpassed the 2 million mark yesterday afternoon. More than 181,000 visitors made a stop at… 05-29 2090
2748 TEXT 전남 나주, 금성산에 생태숲 체험장 개장한다 Naju, Jeollanamdo to Open Experience Center at Eco Forest in Geumseongsan Mountain The city of Naju announced yesterday that it will open an experience center at the eco forest in Geumseongsa… 05-28 2212
2747 TEXT 광주시교육청, 내년 초등교원 감원 통보하다 Gwangju Metropolitan City’s Office of Education to Announce Layoff of Elementary School Teachers for Next Year Problems with the hiring of elementary school teachers has been raised as the … 05-28 2165
2746 TEXT 광주극장에서 시네마콘서트 열린다 Gwangju Cinema to Host Cinema Concert Gwangju Cinema will host a cinema concert in which a film, along with two concerts, can be enjoyed tomorrow and the last day of this month. The folk singer India… 05-28 1956
2745 TEXT 전남 벌교에 수산물 가공식품 공장 들어서다 The Factory of Processed Fishery Products to Be Activated in Beolgyo-eup town, Jeollanamdo A processing plant for a local specialty, cockle, has been opened in Beolgyo-eup town of Boseong-gun… 05-28 2005
2744 TEXT 광주비엔날레재단, 지역 대학과 MOU 맺다 The Gwangju Biennale Foundation And Local Universities to Sign MOU The Gwangju Biennale Foundation is leading the way to cultivate local experts of cultural arts as it has signed a MOU with local u… 05-28 1924
2743 TEXT 광주 전통문화관 시민 사진 공모전 Gwangju Traditional Culture Center to Host Citizen Photo Contest Gwangju Traditional Culture Center will host a citizens’ photo contest to collect and evaluate pictures taken of the traditional culture… 05-28 2057
2742 TEXT 순천시, 산모건강지원 추진한다 Suncheon to Offer Administrative and Financial Support for Expecting Mothers The Public Health Center in Suncheon will offer various administrative and financial support for regional expecting mothers as part … 05-28 1959
2741 TEXT 광주시, 518 기념사업 관련 마스터 플랜 용역 착수 Gwangju to Carry out Evaluation Check for Master Plan of the May 18th Memorial Project The city of Gwangju recently began an evaluation check of the master plan for the May 18th Democr… 05-28 2018
2740 TEXT 광주 U대회 조직위원회, 실전 체제 돌입한다 Organizers for the Universiade to Begin Simulation Operation of the Game Leading up to the official kickoff of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, organizers for the Universiade will begin a… 05-28 2020
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