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2744 TEXT 광주비엔날레재단, 지역 대학과 MOU 맺다 The Gwangju Biennale Foundation And Local Universities to Sign MOU The Gwangju Biennale Foundation is leading the way to cultivate local experts of cultural arts as it has signed a MOU with local u… 05-28 1926
2743 TEXT 광주 전통문화관 시민 사진 공모전 Gwangju Traditional Culture Center to Host Citizen Photo Contest Gwangju Traditional Culture Center will host a citizens’ photo contest to collect and evaluate pictures taken of the traditional culture… 05-28 2057
2742 TEXT 순천시, 산모건강지원 추진한다 Suncheon to Offer Administrative and Financial Support for Expecting Mothers The Public Health Center in Suncheon will offer various administrative and financial support for regional expecting mothers as part … 05-28 1960
2741 TEXT 광주시, 518 기념사업 관련 마스터 플랜 용역 착수 Gwangju to Carry out Evaluation Check for Master Plan of the May 18th Memorial Project The city of Gwangju recently began an evaluation check of the master plan for the May 18th Democr… 05-28 2019
2740 TEXT 광주 U대회 조직위원회, 실전 체제 돌입한다 Organizers for the Universiade to Begin Simulation Operation of the Game Leading up to the official kickoff of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, organizers for the Universiade will begin a… 05-28 2022
2739 TEXT 아시아문화전당 개관식 11월 25일에 열린다 Opening Ceremony for the National Asian Culture Complex to be Held on November 25th The opening ceremony for the much-anticipated national Asian Culture Complex will be held on November 25th i… 05-28 2372
2738 TEXT 광주전남 주민, ‘호남인이라서 자랑스럽다’ 63% 63 Percent of Residents of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Proud to be Born in Honam Some 63 percent of the residents of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo who took part in a survey on their sense of af… 05-28 1966
2737 TEXT 정읍에 신고접수 된 메르스 의심 환자, 전남대 병원 입원 A Patient Suspected of MERS Hospitalized at Jeonam National University Hospital A female patient who recently visited the Middle East is suspected of suffering from the dead… 05-28 2238
2736 TEXT 광주시에서 ‘G-POP Festival’ 열린다 The Preliminary Round of ‘G-POP Festival’ to be held in Gwangju The ‘G-POP Festival’, which has been discovering and fostering Korean wave stars, is holding a preliminary round on the 30th of thi… 05-27 2276
2735 TEXT 광주시 북구 시니어합창단 여섯 번째 정기공연 개최한다 Gwangju Bukgu District Senior Chorus to Hold Sixth Regular Concert The Gwangju Bukgu District announced last week that it would hold the sixth regular concert of the Bukgu Seni… 05-27 2142
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