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2709 TEXT 광주대-광주창조경제혁신센터 업무협약 Gwangju University and Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center to Make Business Agreement Gwangju University and Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center have made a business agreement on th… 05-25 2025
2708 TEXT 조선대, '문화초대석' 개최한다 Chosun University to Hold ‘Reserved Seat of Culture’ The movie director, Min Yong Geun, well known for the film ‘Re-encounter (혜화, 동)’, will deliver a ‘Reserved Seat of Culture’ sessi… 05-25 2336
2707 TEXT 중국 3곳에 전남 농수산식품 판매장 개설 Farmers’ Market Selling Jeollanamdo-grown Farming Goods to be Opened in China A farmers’ market selling Jeollanamdo-grown farming and fisheries goods will be established and opened in 3 ci… 05-25 2026
2706 TEXT 호남 KTX 수요 증가, 증편+열차 교체 요구 잇따라 Demand for Honam KTX Increases with Request for Allocation of Additional Trains and Changes in Train Following With the demand for travel on the Honam KTX increasing sharply, voices have… 05-25 2197
2705 TEXT 광주시, 5월분 보육료 지원한다 Gwangju to Provide Childcare Supplements for May The city of Gwangju will offer emergency financial supplemental aid worth 6 billion for childcare in the city following similar aid provided in the months of M… 05-25 1891
2704 TEXT 담양, 함평, 영광, 장성 ‘경제활성화’ 협력 Four Counties in Jeollanamdo to Cooperate in Revitalization of Economy Representatives and municipal leaders in four counties in Jeollanamdo, Damyang, Hampyoeng, Yeongwang and Jangseong, hav… 05-25 1815
2703 TEXT 5월 주제 연극, 유스퀘어 문화관에서 볼 수 있다 May 18th Themed Play to be Showcased at the U-Square Culture Center A May 18th Democratization Movement-themed theatre work entitled, ‘A Kid from My House,’ will be showcased at th… 05-25 2140
2702 TEXT 전남도 – 에너지 기술연구원, 연구개발 업무 협약 Jeollanamdo – Energy Technology Research Institutes to Sign MOU on Research Development Jeollanamdo signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Energy Technology Institute… 05-25 1974
2701 TEXT 일찍 떠나는 6월 휴가족 는다 Early Bird Tourists on Upward Trend The number of tourists traveling in the month of June, which is traditionally an off-season for domestic and international tourism in Korea, continues to record an upward tre… 05-25 2101
2700 TEXT 식중독 예보지수 문자서비스 제공하는 광주광역시 The City of Gwangju to provide text messaging service of food poisoning forecast index The Gwangju Metropolitan City announced yesterday that, due to the recent rise in temperatures, … 05-22 2170
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