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3147 TEXT 코레일 전남본부, 여수엑스포역에 ‘내일로페스티벌’ 개최한다 The Korail Jeollanamdo Headquarters to Hold 'Rail-Ro Festival' at Yeosu Expo Station The Korail Jeollanamdo Headquarters has announced that it will hold … 07-15 1889
3146 TEXT 전남농업박물관, 짚공예품 만들기 체험행사연다 Jeollanamdo Agricultural Museum to Open Straw Handicraft Experience Event The Jeollanamdo Agricultural Museum has announced that it will open an experience event for elementary school s… 07-15 1818
3145 TEXT 나주 금성산에생태 물놀이장 개장한다 The Ecological Pool to Be Open on Geumseong Mountain of Naju A 2,000 square meter ecological pool, which has been constructed on Geumseong Mountain of Gyeonghyeondong, Naju, will be opened from July … 07-15 1767
3144 TEXT GIST와 아시아문화개발원, 문화기술 분야 공동연구나선다 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and Institute of Asian Cultural Development to Carry Forward Joint Research of Culture Technology The Gwangju Institute of Science… 07-15 1700
3143 TEXT 한국전력, 캐나다에 기술 수출한다 Korean Electric Power Corporation to Export Technology to Canada The Korean Electric Power Corporation or KEPCO, which has its head office in Naju Innovative City, will export technology to Canada. The t… 07-15 1719
3142 TEXT U대회, SNS에서도 호평 받으며 인지도+이미지 향상 Universiade Receives Positive On-line Feedback Regarding Improving City's Image The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade reportedly improved the city's image, receiving positive… 07-14 1703
3141 TEXT 광주, 스포츠 도시 영향력 세계 24위 Gwangju as the World's 24th Most Influential Sport City The England-based sports analysis media, Sportcal, released a list of the most influential sport cities around the world and its latest editio… 07-14 1753
3140 TEXT 아시아문화전당, 축제의 장으로 탈바꿈 Asian Culture Complex as a Central Hub of Local Cultural Festivities Temporarily opened for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, the national Asian Culture Complex reportedly welcomed nearly 8,000… 07-14 1718
3139 TEXT 유니버시아드 폐회식, 오늘 7시부터 Universiade Closing Ceremony to be Held from 7 p.m. The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will come to an end today with a closing ceremony set to be held from 7 p.m. at the Gwangju Main Universiade Sta… 07-14 1762
3138 TEXT 한국, 종합 1위로 유니버시아드 마무리 South Korea Finishes First in the Summer Universiade in Gwangju Team Korea bagged three additional gold medals yesterday to finish the Gwangju Summer Universiade in first place in medal rankings wi… 07-14 1691
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