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2802 TEXT 아시아문화전당 공연 예술 축제 D-100, 어린이 그림 공모 D-100 Until the Opening of the National Asian Culture Complex, Special Painting Contest to be Held To celebrate the D-100 until the grand opening of the national Asian Culture… 06-04 1887
2801 TEXT 유니버시아드 개,폐회식 제작 발표회 열려 Universiade Opening and Closing Ceremony Plans Unveiled The opening and closing ceremony for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade were unveiled yesterday in Seoul by the organizers and productio… 06-04 2060
2800 TEXT 한빛원전 2호기 가동 중단 Operation of the Hanbit Nuclear Complex No.2 Halted Operation of Hanbit Nuclear plant no.2 was abruptly halted yesterday for the first time since its regular check up was held six months ago. The water level for th… 06-04 2059
2799 TEXT 진도군, 정부에 긴급 지원 요청 Jindo Request Emergency Aid from the Government In the midst of plummeting sales in locally grown fisheries and a stiff fall in the number of tourists to the island, Jindo-gun district, which is the closest r… 06-04 1969
2798 TEXT 광주 U대회 조직위, U대회 기간 메르스 차단 비상 대책 마련 Organizers for the Universiade Prepare Emergency Measures for the Event To effectively prevent spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, the organizing committee for the… 06-04 1889
2797 TEXT 광주시, 전라남도 메르스 차단 비상 체제 돌입 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo on Alert to Prevent Spread of MERS With 29 days left until the kickoff of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, the city of Gwangju and the organizing committee for th… 06-04 1740
2796 TEXT 광주 학생들, 전국 소년체육대회에서 최다 메달 획득하다 Gwangju School Students Win Largest Amount of Medals at the National Junior Sports Festival The Gwangju Office of Education revealed yesterday that students from schools in Gw… 06-03 2009
2795 TEXT 이순신대교에 구간 과속단속시스템 설치한다 The Automated Traffic Enforcement System Based on The Travel Time Speed to Be Installed on Yi Sun-sin Bridge Jeollanamdo Government announced yesterday that ‘The Automated Traffic Enforceme… 06-03 2240
2794 TEXT 광주국립박물관에서 ‘아시아 불교미술’ 전시한다 The 'Asian Buddhist Art' to Be Exhibited at Gwangju National Museum As the Asian Cultural Hub City, the city of Gwangju is hosting a special exhibition to explore and learn… 06-03 2108
2793 TEXT 광주 큰나무공동체, 다문화 가족 위한 프로그램 운영한다 The Gwangju Big Tree Community to Carry Out Programs for Multi-cultural Families A nonprofit and nongovernment organization in Gwangju, ‘Big Tree Community,’ or ‘Little … 06-03 2490
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