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2517 TEXT 429 재보선 광주 서구 을, 무소속 천정배 당선 Independent Liberal Candidate, Cheon Jeong-bae Wins the April 29th By-elections in Gwangju The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy was defeated not only in three constituen… 04-30 2042
2516 TEXT 광주 예술의 거리에서 예술체험 프로그램 열린다 Artistic Experience Program to be Held in Gwangju Art Street A wide variety of street performances and artistic experience program will be available in Gwangju Art Street. Having … 04-29 2116
2515 TEXT 광주전남 발전연구원 통합 조례안, 시-도의회 통과 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Development Research Institute and its Integration Act Pass Municipal Council A special Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Development Research Institute and its Integ… 04-29 2122
2514 TEXT 광주 우치동물원, 5월부터 무료 개방된다 Uchi Zoo Park in Gwangju to be Opened for Free from May Uchi Zoo Park in Gwangju will be opened to the public free of charge from May 1st. The city of Gwangju will propose, legislate and implem… 04-29 2575
2513 TEXT 봄 관광 주간, 여수 관광객 맞이 나선다 Yeosu to Attract Tourists during the Spring Tourism Week The city of Yeosu will attract nationwide travelers to its tourist amenities for the spring tourism week from May 1st to the 14th, offerin… 04-29 2012
2512 TEXT 목포서 세월호 참사 1주년 추모전 열린다 Memorial Exhibition for Sewol Ferry Tragedy to be Held in Mokpo Mokpo Culture Alliance will host a ceremonial exhibition to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the April 16th Sewol Ferry Tragedy f… 04-29 2047
2511 TEXT 여수시 공항버스 노선 개편된다 Intra-city Bus Routes in Yeosu to See Improvement The intra-city bus service in Yeosu that makes stops at Yeosu Airport will reportedly be extended starting May 4th. The conventional airport bus linking … 04-29 2420
2510 TEXT 전남도의회 ‘임을 위한 행진곡’ 518 공식 곡 결의안 채택 Jeollanamdo Provincial Council Passes Resolution Urging Designation of March for the Beloved as an Official Ceremonial Song Jeollanamdo provincial council passed a ‘Re… 04-29 2287
2509 TEXT [네팔 지진] 광주시, 지자체 중 첫 구호대 파견 [Earthquake in Nepal] Gwangju to Dispatch The city of Gwangju will dispatch 10 search and rescue and medical personnel to Nepal following the massive earthquake that has left thousands of … 04-29 2021
2508 TEXT 429 재보궐 선거, 광주 서구 을에서 오늘 열린다 Voters Head to Polls in Gwangju Seogu B District for By-election Voters in Gwangju Seogu B district began casting ballots in parliamentary by-elections from 6 a.m. today. Four seats a… 04-29 2271
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