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4122 TEXT 광주 시내버스, 겨울방학 기간 감축 운행 Gwangju City Bus Operation Reduced Over Winter Vacation City bus operation in Gwangju will be reduced during school winter vacation. In an effort to improve municipal financial conditions, the cit… 12-30 2239
4121 TEXT 윤장현 시장 직무수행 평가 '껑충'…광주시 희색 Gwangju Major Yoon Jang Hyeon Places 6th in Performance Execution Survey Gwangju Metropolitan City and Gallup Korea have announced that the city’s Mayor Yoon Jang Hyeon has pla… 12-30 2180
4120 TEXT 광주 송정1교 3년 만에 확장 개통 Songjung 1-Gyo Bridge Reopens After Expansion Gwangju Metropolitan City has announced that the Songjung 1-Gyo Bridge has re-opened on the 30th after the 3 years’ of construction. The city reported it ha… 12-30 2095
4119 TEXT "광주시민 10명중 6명, 현 지역구 국회의원 교체돼야" Six in Ten Gwangju Citizens Believe National Assembly Representatives Should Be Replaced A new survey released on the 29th shows that six in ten Gwangju citizens people believe the … 12-30 2058
4118 TEXT 여수박람회장 사후활용사업 후보에 3개업체 선정 3 Additional Companies Selected for Yeosu Expo Site Development The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and the 2012 Yeosu World Expo Foundation have approved three additional candidate or… 12-30 2262
4117 TEXT 광주시, 5.18 민주화광장에서 송,신년 행사 개최 Gwangju City to host Civic Festival for New Year at 5.18 Democratic Square. Gwangju Metropolitan City has stated that the ‘2015 Civic Festival for the New year’ will be held at the 5.1… 12-30 1974
4116 TEXT 목포에도 평화의 소녀상 건립된다 Mokpo to Construct Girl of Peace Statue Mokpo City council has donated one million won on the 29th for the construction plan to build the Girl of Peace Statue. The Construction Committee will consist of… 12-30 2358
4115 TEXT 2016년 광주, 청년 일자리 창출, 전남 에너지, 문예 활성화 2대 프로젝트 가동 Gwangju-Jeonnam Announce New Municipal Plans for 2016 Gwangju City and Jeollanamdo Province announced upcoming municipal plans for 2016 at press confe… 12-29 2241
4114 TEXT 친환경 천연가스하이브리드버스 광주 도심 달린다 Gwangju to Convert to CNG Hybrid Buses by 2024 Gwangju Metropolitan City has announced that it will replace all 1,000 inner-city public buses with CNG Hybrid Buses by 2024 in order to… 12-29 2105
4113 TEXT 광주시 국제안전도시 공인 Gwangju Designated as International Safe Community Gwangju Metropolitan City was awarded the title “International Safe Community” by the World Health Organization’s International Safe Community Accreditation C… 12-29 2022
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