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2277 TEXT 신안 가거도, 홍도에 응급 헬기장 설치된다 Shinan Gageodo and Hongdo Islands to be Equipped with Emergency Heliports In the wake of the helicopter crash in Gageodo Island, which occurred on March 13th and was caused by lack of lighting… 03-30 2468
2276 TEXT 영암군, 가야금 산조로 관광활성화 한다 Yeongam to Revitalize Regional Tourism Industry with Gayageum Yeongam-gun district will revamp its regional tourism industry through facilitating local cultural assets related to the Korean tradi… 03-30 2130
2275 TEXT ‘남도 한바퀴’ 투어버스, 여수 금오도 코스 여행한다 ‘Namdo Bound’ Tour Bus to Travel Yeosu Geumodo Island Course The Namdo Bound Tour Bus, which travels to major tourist destinations in Jeollanamdo, will include ‘Geumodo … 03-30 2483
2274 TEXT 목포시, 외국인 관람객 쇼핑특화 거리 조성한다 Mokpo to Create ‘Vehicle-free Shopping Complex for Foreign Visitors’ The city of Mokpo will designate and build a foreign-customized shopping complex to revitalize regional tourism … 03-30 2066
2273 TEXT 순천만 정원, 국제정원축제 추진된다 Suncheon Bay International Garden Festival to be Held An international garden festival will be held at Suncheon Bay and its garden area once every two years. The first Suncheon Bay International Ga… 03-30 2108
2272 TEXT 광주시, U대회 대비 야간 조명 정비한다 Gwangju to Refurbish Night Time Lighting Installations The city of Gwangju plans on refurbishing night time lighting installations in preparation for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade to better p… 03-30 2322
2271 TEXT 호남선 KTX 4월 1일 공식 개통식 연다 Honam KTX to be Officially Opened on April 1st The Honam Express Railway, linking the capital, central and southern parts of the country, will be officially opened on April 1st, with operation set to be… 03-30 2293
2270 TEXT 내일 프로야구 개막, 기아 타이거즈 다양한 이벤트 연다 Domestic Professional Baseball Season Kicks off Tomorrow with Tigers hosting Various Events The domestic professional baseball league, Korea Baseball Organization, will kick … 03-27 2195
2269 TEXT 은암미술관, 중국 사진작가 리강 초대사진전 Eunam Art Museum to Host Chinese Photographer, Li Gang’s Invitation Photographic Exhibition Eunam Art Museum in Gwangju will host a special invitation photographic exhibition, ‘Namhae M… 03-27 2367
2268 TEXT 세월호 참사 1주기, 1만명 시민 조형물 세운다 Artistic Installation Project to Commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy An artistic project will be undertaken to build an installation artwork featuring the participat… 03-27 2279
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