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2762 TEXT 일본 해안 강진, 전남서도 울림 감지 Strong Earthquake Hits Southern Tokyo with Jeollanamdo Sensing Tremor A strong earthquake with 8.5 level intensity hit southern Tokyo near the northern Pacific Ocean on Saturday night and a series of… 06-01 1882
2761 TEXT U대회 성화 채화식 내일 열린다 Torch Lighting Ceremony for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade to be Held Tomorrow A torch-lighting ceremony for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will be held tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. at the Jangbulja… 06-01 1812
2760 TEXT 호남권 정책 협의회, 오늘 광주시청에서 열리다 The Honam Region’s Council of Policy to be held today at Gwangju City Hall ‘The business construction of Honam region’s Tourism Belt’ was discussed today at Gwangju City Hall with … 05-29 2092
2759 TEXT 광주 동구, ‘전국창작예술경연대회’ 접수 받는다 Applications for ‘National Fictive Art Competition’ to Be Accepted By Gwangju Donggu District The Gwangju Donggu District is accepting applications for ‘The 3rd National Fictive… 05-29 2302
2758 TEXT 전남대학교 병원, 순천에서 전남지역 협력병원 간담회 갖다 Chonnam National University Hospital to hold Meeting of South Jeolla Province’s Affiliated Hospitals in Suncheon Chonnam National University Hospital announced that it he… 05-29 1989
2757 TEXT 광주지검에서 ‘마을변호사’ 설명회 열리다 Gwangju Supreme Prosecutors’ Office to Hold Briefing Session of ‘Town Lawyer’ According to Gwangju Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and Gwangju District Bar Association, a briefing sessio… 05-29 2208
2756 TEXT 빛고을시민문화관에서 인문학콘서트 열린다 Concert of Humanities to Be Held at Bitgoeul Citizen Culture Center Featuring the Korean fusion music group ‘Iria,' a combined performance of the southern region’s music and a humanit… 05-29 2205
2755 TEXT 에너지 밸리 기술원, 오늘 광주에 문 연다 Energy Valley Technological Institute to be Opened in Gwangju Today An energy valley technological institute, which will be in charge of research and development for energy in Gwangju and the c… 05-29 2202
2754 TEXT 광주문화단체 ‘국립 아시아문화전당 운영조직 구성 서둘러야’ 촉구 Cultural Authorities in Gwangju Request Fast Organization of the Governing Body of the national Asian Culture Complex Cultural organizations and artistic au… 05-29 2141
2753 TEXT 광주 영산강변에 야영장 1일에 개장한다 Outdoor Camping Site to be Opened near Gwangju Yeongsan River An outdoor camping site near the Yeongsan River at Daesang Park in Gwangju will be opened next month on June 1st. Stretching out some… 05-29 2068
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