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2247 TEXT 순천만 ‘2015 열린 관광지’로 선정 Suncheon Bay Selected as ‘Open Tourist Attraction in 2015’ Suncheon Bay has recently been selected as an ‘Open Tourist Attraction in 2015’ by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ko… 03-25 2513
2246 TEXT 광주 유니버시아드 D-100 일 앞으로 100 Days Left until the Official Kick off of the Gwangju Universiade Celebratory events commemorating D-100 days until the official kickoff of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade and other various commem… 03-25 2137
2245 TEXT 국립나주박물관 박물관 숲 생태 체험 프로그램 운영한다 National Naju Museum to Operate Museum Forestry Ecological Experience Program The national Naju Museum will operate various forestry ecological experience programs invitin… 03-25 2133
2244 TEXT 리우 올림픽 전초전, 광주 유니버시아드에 세계의 별들 몰린다 Worldwide Star Athletes to Gather in Gwangju for the Universiade Worldwide star athletes and promising university athletes will gather in Gwangju to compete in the 2… 03-25 2030
2243 TEXT 광주시, 2020년까지 고용자 2만 2000명 늘린다 Gwangju to Create 22,000 Jobs by 2020 The city of Gwangju recently established integrative social and economic development plans to restore local communities and revitalize the regional econ… 03-25 1963
2242 TEXT 한전, 광주 송정+나주역에 전기차 충전기 설치 KEPCO to Install Electric Car Charger at Gwangju Songjeong and Naju Station Infrastructure related to electric cars, such as charger stations, will be installed at Gwangju Songjeong and N… 03-25 2155
2241 TEXT 올해 518 기념행사, 시민 참여 대폭 확대한다 May 18th Ceremonial Events to Expand Citizens’ Participation in the Programs The May 18th People’s Uprising Memorial Committee will reportedly expand citizens’ participation in a serie… 03-25 2257
2240 TEXT 518 35주년 행사위원회, 슬로건 공모 May 18th 35th Anniversary Event Committee Seeks Slogan for this Year The May 18 People’s Uprising Memorial Committee will seek slogans for the May 18th event until April 4th. The committee explain… 03-25 2101
2239 TEXT 광주 우치동물원 생태 학습의 장으로 변신한다 Gwangju Uchi Zoo Park to be Turned into an Ecological Learning Center Gwangju Uchi Zoo Park will be opened to the public on April 1st with a grand plan to transform the park into an ecol… 03-25 1997
2238 TEXT 광주 트라우마 센터 자원 활동가 모집 Gwangju Trauma Center to Recruit Volunteers Gwangju Trauma Center will recruit some 30 volunteers until March 30th. Anyone who is older than 18 years old can sign up as a volunteer that will assis… 03-25 2086
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