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4062 TEXT 중국 파워블로거·유학생 기자단 남도 맛 여행 Power Bloggers and Students Reporters from China to Visit Gwangju and Jeollanamdo A total of 30 power bloggers and student reporters from China will visit Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. This e… 12-21 1963
4061 TEXT 달구벌 대구-빛고을 광주 '달빛동맹'…민관협력 늘린다 Gwangju and Daegu to Expand Mutual Cooperation The city of Gwangju has announced that it will hold the general meeting of the Dalbit Alliance with Daegu city at the Ha… 12-21 2072
4060 TEXT 광주·전남, 주력 업종 수출 회복 속 11월 무역수지 흑자 폭 커져 Increase in Exports Rate of Core Businesses in Gwangju Leads to Drastic Surplus According to new information from the Gwangju Customs Office released on the 18th, Nove… 12-21 1985
4059 TEXT 광주문화재단 22일 창립 5주년 기념 문화행사 개막 Gwangju Cultural Foundation to Commemorate their 5th Anniversary The Gwangju Cultural Foundation has announced that it will hold various cultural events at the Bitgouel Citizen Culture … 12-21 2057
4058 TEXT 여수 '한려크루즈' 한시적 야간운항 Yeosu Oceans Office Operating Temporary Night Cruise The Yeosu Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries has announced that it will operate a new temporary night cruise program from December 18th t… 12-18 2017
4057 TEXT 전윤철 광주비엔날레 이사장 사퇴 Gwangju Biennale Chair Jeon Yun Cheol Resigns Gwangju Biennale Foundation Chair Jeon Yun Cheol formally resigned from his position on December 18th. Jeon, who had been the former Chair of the Board of Audi… 12-18 2146
4056 TEXT 목포시,선진수산 등4개사235억원 규모 투자협약 Mokpo Signs Industrial MOUs with 4 Local Organizations Mokpo City’s Daeyang Industrial Complex signed 24 billion won in investment agreements with four local corporations on the 18th.… 12-18 2037
4055 TEXT 전남·북을 연결하는 국도1호선21일 개통 National Route 1 Yaeun-Wandeok Section Reopens on 21st The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has announced that the Yaeun-Wandeok section of National Route 1 will reopen for use on … 12-18 2104
4054 TEXT 여수시민협, 올해 10대 사건 1위...사립외고 설립 반대 전국 첫 초등생 피켓시위 Elementary School Strike Voted Yeosu’s Hottest Issue of the Year Yeosu City has announced its residents’ picks for the hottest local issues of… 12-18 2097
4053 TEXT 순천에 라오스 내무부차관 방문 Laotian Vice Minister of Home Affairs Visits Suncheon The Laotian Vice Minister of Home Affairs for Laos visited Suncheon City for a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) from December 16thto 17th. The… 12-18 2064
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