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3090 TEXT 유니버시아드, 양궁 - 유도에서 메달 추가 South Korea Grabs Lion’s Share of Gold Medals in Archery and Judo South Korea swept archery and judo at the Gwangju Summer Universiade yesterday, maintaining its no.1 spot in the overall medal… 07-08 1993
3089 TEXT U대회 기간 동안광주송정-인천공항KTX 운행 확대한다 KTX Runs Between Gwangju Songjeong and Incheon International Airport to Be Expanded During The Universiade The Korail Gwangju Headquarters has announced that KTX runs between Gwangju… 07-08 2048
3088 TEXT 장애인 양궁국가대표, U대회양궁 대표팀 응원나서다 The National Archery Team With Disabilities to Support Universiade National Archery Team A special audience was at the Gwangju International Archery Stadium to support men’s compou… 07-08 2003
3087 TEXT 염주종합체육관 빗물새 U대회조직위 긴급보수하다 Universiade Organizing Committee to Carry Out Emergency Maintenance at Yeomju Sports Complex Leaks during rain resulted in the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade having to carry out emerg… 07-08 1708
3086 TEXT 목포해양경비안전서, 해양오염사고 예방 안전점검한다 Mokpo Coast Guard Safety Agency to Carry Out Safety Inspection to Prevent Marine Pollution Accidents A safety inspection by the coast guard will be carried out to prevent marine… 07-08 1716
3085 TEXT 조선대학교 링크사업단, 교육부와 한국연구재단이 주최한공모전에서 대상 받다 Chosun University LINC Business Unit Wins Grand Prize at Open Exhibition Hosted By Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea … 07-08 2003
3084 TEXT 전남 고흥군, 공모사업 유치해 국·도비 확보하다 Goheunggun District of South Jeolla Province to Secure National and Provincial Expenditure By Attracting Project Business Goheunggun District of South Jeolla Province announced that it h… 07-08 1771
3083 TEXT 담양 대나무박람회와 경주 세계문화엑스포 업무협약 체결하다 Damyang Bamboo Exhibition and Gyeongju World Culture Expo to Sign Business Agreement The organizing committee of the Damyang World Bamboo Exhibition has signed a busine… 07-08 1777
3082 TEXT 천정배 의원, 호남선 KTX 주중 증편, 증차 확정 Rep. Cheon Finalizes Additional Allocation of Honam KTX on Weekdays Independent lawmaker Rep. Cheon Jeong-bae, representing Seogu B district in Gwangju, recently announced that the Korea Ra… 07-07 2047
3081 TEXT 광주시의회 아시아문화도시 조성사업 원안 추진 요구 Gwangju City Council Requests Government to Carry out Asian Culture Complex Project As Originally Planned In a public statement released yesterday at the city council press confer… 07-07 1807
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