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4012 TEXT 여수시 청렴도 전남1위.. Yeosu Scores Highest on Integrity Evaluation Index Among Jeonnam Cities According to an Integrity Evaluation Index released by the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission on the 9th, Yeosu City had the highes… 12-11 2189
4011 TEXT 여수시 사상 첫 관광객 1300만명 유치 달성 Yeosu Records 13 Million Visitors in 2015 Yeosu announced on the 11th that the number of visitors to the city exceeded 13 million people this year. According to the city, the number represents a 3… 12-11 2023
4010 TEXT 호남지역 새정치 기초의회 회장단 '文 결단' 촉구 Municipal Council Chairs Urge Moon to Resign Chairs of several municipal councils across the Honam region hace called for NPAD leader Moon Jae In’s resignation at a press confe… 12-11 2066
4009 TEXT 광주시청 야외스케이트장 11일 개장…얼음썰매장 추가 Gwangju City Hall Ice Rink Opens Gwangju City Hall’s Outdoor Ice Rink opened its doors to the public for the season on December 11th, with new sledding facilities. The city’s … 12-11 2620
4008 TEXT 여수해양수산청, 항만개발 예산 등 1225억 확보 Yeosu Fisheries Office Receives 122 Bil Won in National Funding for 2016 The Yeosu Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries has stated on that it has received 122 billion won of government f… 12-11 1984
4007 TEXT 주말 광주 사직골 '음악의 장' 된다 Music Concerts to be held on Weekends at Gwangju Sajik Park Wide range of music concerts will be held at Gwangju Sajik Park on weekends. On Saturdays, Peakmusic Night will showcase various m… 12-11 2346
4006 TEXT DJ 노벨평화상 수상 15주년 기념식 영·호남 대학생 10명에 상생 장학금 Kim Dae Jung Peace Center Celebrated ’15th anniversary of Being Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize’ The Kim Dae Jung Peace Center held its ‘15th anniversary of… 12-11 2132
4005 TEXT 광주 문화기관 협력 콘텐츠 확대 Gwangju’s Cultural Institution to Expand Cooperation Contents The Gwangju’s council of Cultural Institutions has stated that it will increase the number of member organizations and expand cooperation pr… 12-11 2295
4004 TEXT 광주서 세계인권선언 67주년 기념 문화행사 열려 Gwangju Commemorates 67th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights With Ceremony on 10th A ceremony commemorating the 67th anniversary of the establishment of the UN’s Universal Declar… 12-11 2259
4003 TEXT 고속도로 통행료, 29일부터 4.7% 인상... Highway Toll Fees to Increase by 4.7% The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 10th that highway tolls across the nation will be increased by 4.7% beginning December 29th. A… 12-11 2061
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