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4002 TEXT 광양경제청, 中 인터넷 언론과 공동 홍보 업무협약 Gwangyang FEZ Authority Signs Contract with Chinese Media The Gwangyang Free Economic Zone Authority signed a cooperation contract with Chinese Internet media giant the People’s Daily … 12-11 2043
4001 TEXT 광주 군공항 보안시설 무방비 노출, 대책 필요 Gwangju Airport-Used Military Facilities Left Vulnerable to Security Breaches Various photographs and videos of facilities shared by the Korean military and Gwangju Airport currently circulati… 12-11 2045
4000 TEXT 광주시의회 교육위, 유치원 누리과정 예산 598억원 전액 삭감 Gwangju City Council Decides to Cut Funding For Kindergarten Nuri Curriculum The Gwangju City Council has decided to cut the budget amount of 59.8 billion won for the N… 12-10 2100
3999 TEXT 세계기록유산 아태지역센터 문화전당 유치 양해각서 UNESCO Memory of World Office Opens in ACC The UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for the Asia/Pacific region (MoWCAP) will open a new executive office in Gwangju’s Asian Cultur… 12-10 2035
3998 TEXT 광양경제청, 중국 잉커우시와 FTA 시범사업 협약 Gwangyang Bay Area FEZ Authority Signs MOU with Yingkou, China The Gwangyang Bay Area FEZ Authority signed an MOU with Yingkou, China at the city’s Grand Intercontinental Hotel on December 9… 12-10 2097
3997 TEXT 강진군 안전교육체험관 준공 Gangjin County Completes ‘Comprehensive Safety Experience Park’ Jeollanamdo’s Gangjin County has stated that the construction of a ‘Comprehensive Safety Experience Park’ in the county will be completed thi… 12-10 2064
3996 TEXT 전라좌수영 본영 여수 진남관 300년만에 재탄생한다 National Treasure Jin Nam Gwan Hall Undergoes Reconstruction National treasure Jin Nam Gwan Hall, headquarters of 16th century Joseon Navy, will undergo restoration next year. Yeosu Ci… 12-10 2022
3995 TEXT 뉴스타운, '5·18 배후에 北' 호외발행 금지 이의신청 News Town, Ji Man Won Appeal Gwangju Court 5.18 Decision Online news service News Town and conservative figure Ji Man Won have submitted an appeal against Gwangju District Cour… 12-10 2153
3994 TEXT 전남도-中 산시성, 내년 자매결연 체결키로 Jeollanamdo and Shanxi, China Set to Become Sister Provinces Jeollanamdo signed an agreement with China’s Shanxi Province to establish cooperative exchanges in tourism, culture, energy and e… 12-10 2002
3993 TEXT 광주 대인예술夜시장서 올 마지막 별장 Gwangju’s Daein Market Wraps Up for 2015 Gwangju’s cultural and artistic landmark, the Daein Art Night Market ‘Byeol Jang’, will come to an end for 2015 this weekend. From the 11thto 12th… 12-10 2196
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