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2348 TEXT 미 전투기 무안공항 비상 착륙 U.S. Combat Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing at Muan International Airport Two U.S. combat aircraft F16s made an emergency landing at Muan International Airport yesterday afternoon around 3:27 p.m. due to mal… 04-08 2307
2347 TEXT 전남 소방본부, 다문화 외국인 119 신고 접수 매뉴얼 제작한다 Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters to Produce Report Manual for 119 Targeting Foreigners in the Area Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters will produce and utilize a… 04-08 2185
2346 TEXT 전남도 한빛원전 전담 부서 신설한다 Jeollanamdo to Newly Launch Hanbit Nuclear Complex Department Jeollanamdo recently established and launched a provincial department that will mainly be in charge of the management of the Hanbit Nucle… 04-08 2094
2345 TEXT 아시아 종합 스피드 축제, 영암에서 열린다 Asian Festival of Speed to be Held in Korea International Circuit in Yeongam One of Asia’s biggest racing championships, the Asian Festival of Speed featuring 20 countries from Asia, will b… 04-08 2505
2344 TEXT 광주시, 어린이 보호구역 교통시설 개선한다 Gwangju to Improve Traffic Infrastructure in School Zones The city of Gwangju will reportedly invest some 1.1 billion won for improvement of traffic infrastructure inside school zone areas … 04-08 2101
2343 TEXT 전남도교육청, 학교급 만족도 향상 나선다 Jeollanamdo Office of Education to Work on Improving Overall Satisfaction of School Meals Jeollanamdo Educational Office will reportedly work on enhancing the quality of school meals in the pro… 04-07 2396
2342 TEXT 정의화 국회의장, “‘임을 위한 행진곡’ 기념곡 지정 해결하겠다” Chairman of the National Assembly Pledges to Designate ‘March for the Beloved’ as an Official Ceremonial Song Chairman of the National Assembly, Jeong E… 04-07 2205
2341 TEXT 광주문화재단, 예술치유프로그램 참가자 모집한다 Gwangju Cultural Foundation Recruits Participants to Artistic Treatment Program The Sochon Art Factory of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation is recruiting participants for an ‘Artist… 04-07 2165
2340 TEXT 추억의 무등산 옛 사진전 열린다 Mt. Mudeung Photographic Exhibition to be Held A photographic exhibition of Mt. Mudeung will be held at the Jeungshimsa Temple near the entrance of the mountain on May 2nd in time for the opening of the su… 04-07 2048
2339 TEXT 무등산 정상, 내달 2일 올 들어 첫 개방 Summit of Mt. Mudeung to be Opened to the Public next Month The summit of the Mt. Mudeung near Cheonwangbong area, which has remained closed for over 40 years due to the air force based station on t… 04-07 2223
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