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2486 TEXT 호남 KTX 개통 이후, KTX 이용객 급증했다 KTX Passengers Rapidly Increase after the Opening of Honam KTX The total number of KTX passengers on Honam and Jeolla train routes has rapidly increased by 33 percent since the opening of Honam … 04-27 2171
2485 TEXT 518 기록관 다음 달에 임시 개관한다 May 18th Archive Center to be Temporarily Opened Next Month A May 18th Archive Center will reportedly be temporarily opened next month. Gwangju City Council and its administration committee passed a… 04-27 2156
2484 TEXT 이용우 전 비엔날레 대표이사, 베니스 비엔날레 심사한다 Former Gwangju Biennale Foundation President Lee Yong-woo to Evaluate Venice Biennale Former president of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Lee Yong-woo, has been appointed a… 04-27 1972
2483 TEXT 4·29 재보궐, 주말 최대 분수령 Candidates for the April 29th By-election Getting Ready for the Weekend Campaigning Candidates from ruling Saenuri party, the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, the minor Justice party and i… 04-24 2014
2482 TEXT 광주 U대회 경기장 실전 준비, 16개종목 테스트 Gwangju Universiade Sports Stadiums to be Test-run for 16 Sports Test-run events of the 16 sports to be featured at various sports amenities and stadiums in Gwangju will be carried out from… 04-24 2038
2481 TEXT 호남 충청 7개 광역시 자치단체, 호남 KTX 연장 운행 위해 협력 7 Municipal Governments in Honam and Chungcheong to Cooperate for Extended Operation of Honam KTX Seven municipal governments in the Honam and Chungcheong area will coop… 04-24 2108
2480 TEXT 광주시, 문화체육관광부, U대회 조직위 남부대 국제수영장 안전 점검 Gwangju, Cultural Ministry, Organizers for the Universiade Inspect Safety of the International Swimming Pool at Nambu Univ. The city of Gwangju, the organizi… 04-24 2392
2479 TEXT 광주 U대회 대표단장, 87% ‘만족’ 87% of the Head of Delegates Say They are ‘Satisfied’ with the Overall Preparation of the Universiade 87 percent, or some 50 delegates out of 200 head of delegates who visited Gwangju to inspect the … 04-24 2142
2478 TEXT 광주전남 올여름 무덥고 비 자주 온다 Hot and Rainy Summer Forecast in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo A sweltering hot and rainy summer is in forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo with drastic temperature differences from May to July. Unde… 04-24 2096
2477 TEXT 광주전남 주민 93%, 시도 상생발전 정책 필요하다 93 Percent of Residents in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Argue There Needs to be Joint Development Plan More than 90 percent of the residents in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo who took a survey on … 04-24 2004
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