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2510 TEXT 전남도의회 ‘임을 위한 행진곡’ 518 공식 곡 결의안 채택 Jeollanamdo Provincial Council Passes Resolution Urging Designation of March for the Beloved as an Official Ceremonial Song Jeollanamdo provincial council passed a ‘Re… 04-29 2294
2509 TEXT [네팔 지진] 광주시, 지자체 중 첫 구호대 파견 [Earthquake in Nepal] Gwangju to Dispatch The city of Gwangju will dispatch 10 search and rescue and medical personnel to Nepal following the massive earthquake that has left thousands of … 04-29 2023
2508 TEXT 429 재보궐 선거, 광주 서구 을에서 오늘 열린다 Voters Head to Polls in Gwangju Seogu B District for By-election Voters in Gwangju Seogu B district began casting ballots in parliamentary by-elections from 6 a.m. today. Four seats a… 04-29 2272
2507 TEXT 광주 저수지서 훈련 장교 2명 사망 2 Military Officers Die after Drowning in Reservoir in Gwangju Two military officers died yesterday hours after falling unconscious during army training held at a reservoir in Gwangju. The two officer… 04-29 1888
2506 TEXT 세월호 항소심 판결, 재판부 세월호 선장에 무기징역 선고 Gwangju High Court Sentence Sunken Ferry Captain to Life Imprisonment Gwangju High Court overturned a lower court ruling and sentenced the captain of the sunken ferry, Lee… 04-29 2060
2505 TEXT 문화가 있는 날 행사 [광주] Cultural Wednesday Program in Gwangju The city of Gwangju will celebrate cultural Wednesday, which falls on the last Wednesday of the month, with a wide variety of artistic and cultural programs tomorrow and is… 04-28 2127
2504 TEXT KTX 개통 이후 신안군 관광객 15% 증가했다 Shinan-gun District Sees 15 Percent Increase in the Number of Travelers to the Area since the Opening of KTX The total number of visitors who traveled to the Shinan-gu district in Jeollanamdo ha… 04-28 2220
2503 TEXT 전남도, 도내 농촌체험 관광객 유치한다 Jeollanamdo to Attract Visitors to its Farming Experience Programs In celebration of family month in May and the spring tourism week, Jeollanamdo hopes to attract visitors and tourists to the pro… 04-28 2107
2502 TEXT 호남 KTX 논산 훈련소역 신설, 운행 시간 길어진다 Newly Established Nonsan Military Training Center Station to Increase Running Time of Honam KTX A Military Training Center train station stop will reportedly be added to the schedule … 04-28 2197
2501 TEXT 광주 전남 비소식, 더위 주춤 Rain showers Forecast in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo A round of showers with rain of up to 10 millimeters are forecast in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo where early summer-like hot and dry conditions have continued for th… 04-28 2132
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