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1652 TEXT 매서운 한파, 체감온도 떨어진다 Cold Snap to Bring Down Temperatures A new cold snap that brought morning lows down to -5 degrees Celsius will continue across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today with conditions expected to climb to seasonal … 01-08 3679
1651 TEXT ‘아시아문화전당 특별법’ 개정안 통과 또 무산 Passing of the Special Asian Culture Complex Law Founders Once Again The passage of the Special Asian Culture Complex Law that specifies the national government as the main operator o… 01-08 3463
1650 TEXT 영광군, 여권발급 야간 민원실 운영한다 Yeongwang to Run ‘Night Civil Service for Issuance of Passport’ Yeongwang-gun district will operate a ‘Night Civil Service for Issuance of Passport’ service from this month to effectively… 01-08 3767
1649 TEXT 전남도, ‘색깔 있는 섬’ 만들기 프로젝트 Jeollanamdo to Operate ‘Building Colorful Island’ Project Jeollanamdo released its plan to carry out a ‘Building Colorful Island’ project that will transform well-known tourist attrac… 01-08 3509
1648 TEXT 한빛원전 대형방사성 폐기물 처리시설 구축 Hanbit Nuclear Complex to Build Radioactive Waste Facility The Hanbit Nuclear Complex located in Yeongwang will reportedly construct a large-scale radioactive waste facility in the area, but … 01-08 3444
1647 TEXT 영암 F1 2015년에도 안열린다 Korea F1 Scrapped from the 2015 Calendar Once Again The Federation Internationale de’Automobile has excluded the Korea Formula One from the 2015 calendar, canceling this year’s Korean Grand Prix in Yeongam fo… 01-08 3429
1646 TEXT 2015 국립광주박물관 자원봉사자 모집한다 Volunteers for the National Gwangju Museum to be Recruited National Gwangju Museum will recruit volunteers to work at the museum throughout this year. Volunteers currently being sought includ… 01-07 3420
1645 TEXT 세월호 보상 특별법 통과, 진도 주민들 손해 보상 Special Sewol Compensation Bill Settled and Damaged Jindo Residents to Receive Aids A special Sewol compensation bill was passed yesterday under the agreement of the ruling Saenuri Par… 01-07 3644
1644 TEXT 전남 소방 본부, 전통시장 17개소 특별 조사 Jeollanamdo Fire Headquarter to Inspect Traditional Markets in the Province Jeollanamdo Fire Headquarter will carry out safety inspections in some 117 traditional markets in the province. … 01-07 3526
1643 TEXT 보성군, 행복택시 운행 마을 36개마을로 확대 Boseong to Expand Happiness Taxi to 36 Villages in Boseong Boseong-gun district will expand its ‘Happiness Taxi’ operation that aims at helping residents in remote areas in the district… 01-07 3450
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