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2772 TEXT 축구스타 기성용, 2015 광주 하계 유니버시아드 지원 나서다 Football Star Ki Sung-Yueng to Support 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Ki Sung-Yeung, who plays for the English Premier League, has purchased 1,000 tickets for the 2015 Gwan… 06-01 1966
2771 TEXT 광주시장과 전도지사, 정책간담회에서 지자체 성과 소개하다 Gwangju City Mayor and South Jeolla Province Governor Lee Nak Yeon to Introduce Outcome of Local Governments at Policy Gathering Gwangju City Mayor Yoon Jang Hyeon and S… 06-01 2077
2770 TEXT 전라남도교육청, 행복학교 박람회 본격적으로 준비한다 Jeollanamdo Office of Education to Carry Out Full-Scale Preparation for Happy School Exhibition The Jeollanamdo Office of Education has carried out a full-scale preparation for … 06-01 1913
2769 TEXT 전라남도 해수욕장 개장 시기 한달 늦어진다 The Opening Season of Beaches In South Jeolla Province to Be Delayed for A Month As the duty of safety supervision has been moved from maritime police to local governments, the opening of beac… 06-01 1972
2768 TEXT (사)아시아문화중심도조성지원포럼, 광주 해외 홍보 나선다 The Asian Hub City of Culture Provision Support Forum to Promote Gwangju overseas The Asian Hub City of Culture Provision Support Forum will promote the opening of National… 06-01 1912
2767 TEXT 팽목항 시설물 관리비 예산 바닥, 정부 '나몰라라' Budget for Pangmok Harbor Facilities Runs Out Pangmok Harbor in Jindo Island, which has been providing shelters and memorial altars for the victims of the April 16th ferry … 06-01 1928
2766 TEXT U대회 경찰 경비단 출범했다 Police Patrollers for the Universiade Launched A customized police force in charge of the security and stable operation of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade was launched over the weekend at the Universiade Gym… 06-01 1869
2765 TEXT U대회, 퍼펙트 게임 총력전 펼친다 Universiade Organizers to Work on Running 'Perfect Game' Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade released a plan to run the upcoming Universiade games according to the 'Perfect … 06-01 1943
2764 TEXT 이낙연 전남지사, 메릴랜드 주지사 교류 협력한다 Jeollanamdo Governor Lee Nak-yeon and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to Pledge Exchanges Jeollanamdo governor, Lee Nak-yeon, and his U.S. counterpart in Maryland, the governor of the… 06-01 1877
2763 TEXT 광주전남, 메르스 의심환자 2명 2 Patients Suspected of MERS Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Two patients suspected of having MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, were reported in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. One of the two suspected patient… 06-01 3204
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