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2287 TEXT 예술의 전당 교향악 축제, 광주시향 공연 미리 맛본다 Seoul Arts Center Symphony Festival and its Gwangju Municipal Symphony Performance to be Showcased The Gwangju Municipal Symphony Orchestra will take part in the annual Korean S… 03-31 2196
2286 TEXT 광주 국제영화제 5월에 열린다 Gwangju International Film Festival to be Held from May Gwangju International Film Festival Organizing Committee appointed honorary ambassadors for the film festival and will begin promotional activities from … 03-31 2148
2285 TEXT 시도지사도 재난 선포권 갖는다 Mayors and Governors Now Given Right to Declare Natural Disasters Mayors and governors across the country will be given the right to declare natural disaster zones and be allowed to provide emergency measur… 03-31 1977
2284 TEXT 광주전남 오늘밤부터 봄비 Spring Rain Showers Forecasted in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo from Tonight A round of spring rain showers are forecast in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo starting tonight. Rainfall of up to 10 millimeters is predicted from… 03-31 2121
2283 TEXT 국가인권위 광주 인권교육센터 오늘개소 National Human Rights Commission of Korea Gwangju Headquarters to be Opened Today The National Human Rights Commission of Korea’s Gwangju Human Rights Office will open today at 3 p.m. in Geumn… 03-31 2103
2282 TEXT 작년 한 해 동안 1,800만 광주시민 지하철 탔다 180 Million Gwangju Citizens to Take Advantage of Subways in the City The total number of Gwangju subway passengers last year was tallied at 180.5 million, up 46,000 from a year before. … 03-31 2239
2281 TEXT 광주시청사, ‘시민 숲’으로 재탄생한다 Gwangju City Hall to be Reborn as ‘Citizens’ Forest’ Gwangju city hall will be reborn as a ‘Citizens’ Forest’ and the city hall and neighboring infrastructures will undergo refurbish… 03-30 2020
2280 TEXT 광주시, 청년문제 진단하는 자리 만든다 Gwangju to Host ‘Meeting with Youth in the City’ Event The city of Gwangju will host a ‘Meeting with Young Citizens’ event for a total of five days until November with the first round havi… 03-30 1958
2279 TEXT 목포 유달산 축제 4월 4일부터 Mokpo Yudalsan Mountain Festival to be Held from April 4th The 2015 Yudalsan Mountain Flower Festival will be held from April 4th for 9 days at the mountain and along Rodeo Street in the city. Yudalsan Moun… 03-30 2169
2278 TEXT 광주시, 대학생 학자금 대출이자 전액 지원 Gwangju to Offer Aid to Local Students with Low Interest Student Loans The city of Gwangju will offer low interest rates for all regional university students on their school loans from the fi… 03-30 2090
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