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2458 TEXT 지난해 광주전남 지방세 세수 늘었다 Local Tax Income Increases in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Local tax income in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo saw growth last year due to an increase in the regional tax rate and the supply of apartment complexes… 04-22 2078
2457 TEXT 주말 프리마켓, 25일~26일 열린다 Weekend Flea Market from April 25th to the 26th Weekend flea markets will be run in Gwangju at the U-square Culture Center and the Gwangju Traditional Culture Center this weekend. An artistic flea mark… 04-22 2289
2456 TEXT 광주 U대회 테니스 국가대표 확정 Korean Representatives for Tennis in the Gwangju Universiade Finalized The Korea Tennis Association finalized and released the Korean representatives for tennis matches to be held during the Universiade g… 04-22 2037
2455 TEXT 광주 소음지도 제작된다 Noise Pollution Map for Gwangju to be Produced The city of Gwangju will design and produce a 3D noise pollution map that shows the level of noise pollution and its impact in Gwangju this year. As part of efforts to … 04-22 2109
2454 TEXT 오월창작가요제에 전국 486개팀 신청했다 486 Teams Apply for May Music Festival A total of 486 teams have reportedly applied to showcase music in the May Creative Music Festival set to be held on May 16th from 7 p.m. in front of the De… 04-22 2055
2453 TEXT 국립아시아문화전당 문화창조원 콘텐츠 ‘윤곽’ Culture Promotion Agency at the Asian Culture Complex and its Contents Explained The cultural and artistic contents at the Culture Promotion Agency inside the Asian Culture Complex, … 04-22 2201
2452 TEXT 광주전남 혁신도시 입주 공공기관, 채용설명회 연다 Government-run Organizations at Bitgaram to Host Employment Briefing Session The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Jeollanamdo and the city of Gwangju will host a Gw… 04-22 1986
2451 TEXT 전남도, 정부에 호남고속철 2단계 관련 조속한 결론 요구 Jeollanamdo Request Fast Resolution on Construction of Honam KTX 2nd Route In the midst of growing concerns over the second phase of the Honam KTX railway construction link… 04-21 2193
2450 TEXT 문화가 있는 수요일, 아시아문화전당 프로그램 진행된다 Cultural Wednesday Program to be Operated at the Asian Culture Complex The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will operate a cultural Wednesday program at the national … 04-21 2152
2449 TEXT 광주 지역 내 23개 국가기관, U대회 성공개최 위해 협력한다 23 State-governed agencies in Gwangju to Cooperate in Hosting Successful Universiade 23 state-governed organizations and governmental agencies in Gwangju will cooperate … 04-21 2177
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