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2388 TEXT 2015 광주 U대회 입장권 예매 시작했다 [Universiade] Tickets for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Now On Sale Tickets sales for games at the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade began yesterday. Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Uni… 04-14 2141
2387 TEXT 담양세계대나무 박람회 입장권 예매 순조롭게 진행 Sales Tickets to the Damyang World Bamboo Fair Progress Smoothly Advanced reservations and sales of tickets to the 2015 Damyang World Bamboo Fair, set to be held from September 17t… 04-13 2043
2386 TEXT 전남도, 팽목항 추모공원 건립 추진한다 Jeollanamdo to Push Head Establishment of Memorial Park in Paengmok Harbor The Office for Government Coordination in Jeollanamdo recently formed a ‘Sewol ferry victim support and memorial Com… 04-13 2056
2385 TEXT 한일 대표작가 한 자리에 모인다 Representative Artists from Korea and Japan to Gather in Gwangju for Exhibition A joint artistic exhibition featuring representative artwork from Korea and Japan will be held at the Daedong Gallery on Geumna… 04-13 1938
2384 TEXT 윤장현 시장, 새누리당 지도부 만나 현안사업 건의 Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon Meets with Ruling Party Leaders Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon met with the ruling Saenuri party leaders, including the party’s chairman Kim Mu-seong,… 04-13 2072
2383 TEXT 광주문화재단 목요상설무대 ‘기억의 길’ 올린다 Gwangju Cultural Foundation Thursday Concert Program features ‘Memory Road’ Gwangju Cultural Foundation will showcase a ‘Memory Road’ that honors and commemorates the victim… 04-13 2008
2382 TEXT 한빛원전 안전성 확보 위한 협의회 구성한다 Regional Municipalities to Cooperate in Securing Safety of Hanbit Nuclear Complex The city of Gwangju, South and North Jeolla province governments and Hanbit Nuclear Complex headquarters wi… 04-13 2087
2381 TEXT 광주시, KTX 야간승객 위한 심야버스 운행한다 Gwangju to Run Nighttime Bus for KTX Passengers The city of Gwangju will test run a nighttime intra-city bus from April 10th. The nighttime bus routes include Sangmu 22 and Airport bus no… 04-13 2228
2380 TEXT 순천서 순천만세계동일영화제 열린다 Suncheon Bay International Animal Film Festival to be Held in Suncheon The city of Suncheon will host the 3rd Suncheon Bay International Film Festival from May 22nd to the 28th. With the theme, &… 04-13 6211
2379 TEXT 진도 세월호 '추모의 숲' 나무 심었다 Sewol Memorial Forest to be Constructed in Jindo The first 30 trees were planted last Friday in a park near the Paengmok harbor in Jindo Island, which is located near the accident site where… 04-13 2057
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