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2167 TEXT 오늘, 전국 민방위 훈련 오후 2시부터 Nationwide Civil Defense Drill Today at 2 p.m. Gwangju and Jeollanamdo municipal governments will hold a 20-mintue civil defense drill from 2 p.m. today. During the drill, various infrastructure a… 03-16 2378
2166 TEXT 완도에 대규모 자연휴양림 조성된다 Large Scale Recreational Forest to be Constructed in Wando Island A large-scale recreational forest will be constructed in Wando Island, which will function as a resort area for recreation and rest ta… 03-16 2325
2165 TEXT 여수 경도 관광객 64% 늘었다 Tourists to Gyeongdo Island in Yeosu Increased by 64% The total number of tourists traveling to Gyeongdo Maritime Tourism Complex has increased annually, contributing to a revitalization of southern coast tourism… 03-16 2243
2164 TEXT 호남선 KTX, 요금 비싸고 운행속도 느리다 Concerns Raised over the Expensive KTX Ticket Price and Slowed Down Train Speed of Honam KTX Controversy has surfaced over the price of Honam KTX tickets linking Gwangju Songjeong and Seoul Yong… 03-16 2334
2163 TEXT 전남 섬 헬기 응급구조 체계 보완 필요하다 Helicopter Emergency Rescue System for Residents in Remote Islands Needs Improvement The emergency rescue system using helicopters for residents living in remote islands in Jeollanamdo report… 03-16 2227
2162 TEXT 봄꽃, 개화시기 30년전보다 보름 빨라졌다 Spring Flower Blooming Season 15 Days Faster than 30 Years ago Due to the gradual increase in yearly average temperatures caused by global warming, the spring flower blooming season in Korea ha… 03-16 2247
2161 TEXT 제 2남도학숙, 서울 은평구청에 건립 Second Namdo Residential Complex to be Established in Eunpyeong-gu District Hall in Seoul A second Namdo Residential Complex intended to provide residency for local university students attending schoo… 03-13 2443
2160 TEXT 호남 고속철 용산 ~ 광주송정 요금 확정 Honam KTX Ticket Price for Routes on Yongsan and Gwangju Songjeong Finalized The fares for travel on the Honam KTX, which is set to be begin operation on April 2nd linking Gwangju Songjeong and Se… 03-13 2528
2159 TEXT 박주선 의원, 광주 U대회 남북 단일팀 정부가 나서야 Rep. Park Ju-seon Insists Government Should Seek Ways to Launch a Unified Korean Team for Universiade The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker, Park Ju-seo… 03-13 2220
2158 TEXT 광주시내 모든 도로에 LED 가로등 세워진다 LED Lighting Lamps to be Installed in Gwangju Street lamps in Gwangju will be replaced with LED lighting equipment from July. LED lamps will be installed on all public streets in Gwangju and … 03-13 2393
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