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2573 TEXT 전국 최초 광주 장애인 국민체육센터, 7일에 개관한다 Korea’s First National Sports Center for the Handicapped to Open Today Korea’s first national sports center for the handicapped will open in Gwangju today. The opening cerem… 05-07 2023
2572 TEXT 대인예술 야시장, ‘그 고마움의 오월’ 주제로 개장한다 Daein Night Art Market to be Opened with the Theme, ‘The Grateful May’ Gwangju Daein Night Art Market will be opened with the theme, ‘The Grateful May’ from May 8th … 05-07 2496
2571 TEXT 광주시 벨트규제 완화, 생활불편 해소 기대한다 Relaxation of Regulations on Green Belt Zone in Gwangju to Promote Greater Convenience The city of Gwangju expressed hopes over the positive impact that deregulation of the green belt z… 05-07 2193
2570 TEXT 광주신세계 특급호텔, 내년 상반기에 착공한다 Construction of Five Star Hotel by Gwangju Shinsegye to Begin Early Next Year Previously proposed by Gwangju Shinsegye Department Store, the construction of a five-star hotel in Gwangju … 05-07 2383
2569 TEXT 순천만정원, 어린이날 1일 입장객 신기록 세웠다 Suncheon Bay Garden Marks Record High for Daily Average Number of Visitors on Children’s Day At 110,181, the daily average number of visitors to Suncheon Bay Garden reached a record … 05-07 2248
2568 TEXT 전남도 그린벨트 규제 개선한다 Green Belt Regulations in Jeollanamdo to be Lifted Jeollanamdo welcomed the national government’s decision to lift regulations on green belt zones which had been closed to development but expressed concern… 05-07 2120
2567 TEXT 광주 ‘시민참여예산’ 공모 관련 467건 접수 Gwangju Receives 467 Requests on ‘Budget Proposal for Civil Participation’ The city of Gwangju received nearly 470 applications for projects worth 110 billion won from citizens who too… 05-07 2002
2566 TEXT 광주정보문화진흥원, ‘스토리 기획개발 프로그램’ 창작자 모집한다 Gwangju Information and Culture Promotion Center to Recruit Participants of the ‘Story Development Program’ Gwangju Information and Culture Promotion… 05-06 2306
2565 TEXT 투르크메니스탄 대사, U대회 벤치마킹 위해 광주 방문 Ambassador of Turkmenistan Visits Gwangju to Learn from the Preparation of the Universiade Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Miratt Mametaliyef (미랏 마메탈리예프) visited Gwang… 05-06 2322
2564 TEXT 목포시 수돗물 수질 ‘적합’ Tap Water Quality in Mokpo Passes Quality Test Tap water quality in Mokpo and its 35 tap water providers including Mongtan filtration, Okam reservoir passed water quality test carried out by the city of Mokpo. … 05-06 2217
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