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3011 TEXT 광주 U대회 개막일, 구름 많고 무덥다 Opening Day of the Universiade to be Cloudy and Hot A sweltering and overcast day is in forecast for the opening of the Universiade this Friday, July 3rd. Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administrati… 06-29 1680
3010 TEXT 광주시, 즐거운 환경 UCC 공모한다 Environment Themed User Created Contents Sought by Gwangju The city of Gwangju will host an environment-themed user created contents contest. As part of efforts to create an eco-friendly and sustainable e… 06-29 1862
3009 TEXT 대학생, 신혼 부부 위한 행복 주택 1,000가구 공급된다 Happy Residencies for University Students and Newly Married to be Offered Public rental housings dubbed 'Happy Residency' will be offered to local university students and … 06-29 1706
3008 TEXT U대회 선수단 환영 입촌식 열린다 Welcoming Ceremony for Athletes Entering Athletes Village to be Held Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will host a round of welcoming ceremonies for athletes entering the athletes village … 06-29 1872
3007 TEXT 박 대통령 아시아문화중심도시 법안 발언, 지역 반발 확산 President's Remarks on the National Asian Culture Complex Special Act Arouse Fierce Criticism from Local Politicians President Park Geun-hye's recent remarks on th… 06-29 2197
3006 TEXT 광주시, 감사원 평가에서 7개 특·광역시 중 1위하다 Gwangju City Wins First Place in Board of Audit and Inspection Evaluation Among 7 Metropolitan Cities Gwangju Metropolitan City has won first place in the board of audit and inspectio… 06-29 1817
3005 TEXT 전라남도, 호남고속철도 연계 관광 활성화 방안 공모한다 South Jeolla Province to Invite Public Participation in Vitalizing Tourism Connected to Honam KTX South Jeolla Province announced yesterday that it will invite public particip… 06-29 1755
3004 TEXT KIA 타이거즈, 7~8월홈 구장 경기대학생 입장료 할인한다 KIA Tigers to Provide Discounts for Home Stadium Games in July and August for University Students The professional baseball team, KIA Tigers, which has its home stadium in Gwangj… 06-29 1642
3003 TEXT 전남대학교, 광주 U대회개막 전야제 준비하다 Chonnam National University to Prepare Gwangju Universiade Eve Opening Festival Chonnam National University has constructed a support system by mobilizing all the organizations and human re… 06-29 2297
3002 TEXT 광양시, '중마·금호해상공원' 교량공사추진한다 Gwangyang City to Carry Forward Bridge Construction at 'Jungma Geumho Marine Park' Gwangyang City of South Jeolla Province has announced plans to carry forward the br… 06-29 1779
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