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2921 TEXT 대구 메르스 확진자 순천 방문 확인 MERS Patient in Daegu Confirmed to Have Visited Suncheon A MERS patient in Daegu was confirmed to have visited Suncheon, raising concerns for further spread of the virus in Suncheon and its major touri… 06-18 2074
2920 TEXT 아시아문화전당 개관, 예정대로 9월에 진행 Asian Culture Complex to be Opened in September as Planned The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism restated that it will unveil the national Asian Culture Complex as originally planned in … 06-18 1778
2919 TEXT 메르스 청정지역 광주 경제도 직탄 MERS-Free Gwangju Hit by Growing Fears over the Virus The city of Gwangju, which remains one of few cities with no confirmed MERS patient, has been directly affected by the escalating fears over the dea… 06-18 1710
2918 TEXT 문화전당 인력 당초 계획에 크게 못 미치는 260명 채용한다 Asian Culture Complex to Recruit Some 260 Personnel The total number of personnel to be employed at the Asian Culture Complex is estimated to be 260, 160 less than city off… 06-18 1727
2917 TEXT 안철수, U대회 민-관 공동대책 기구 구성 제안 Ahn Cheol-soo Suggests Forming of Civil-Political Joint Responsive Committee for the Universiade Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo, from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy, has sugges… 06-18 1676
2916 TEXT 새정치민주연합, U대회 총력 지원한다 New Politics Alliance for Democracy to Join Hands with Gwangju for Successful Operation of the Universiade With 15 days remaining until the official kickoff of the Universiade, the main opposition pa… 06-18 1679
2915 TEXT 광주시보건환경연구원, 유통 생수 수질검사 시행하다 Gwangju Institute of Health Environment to Carry Out Water Examination of Mineral Water The Gwangju Institute of Health Environment announced yesterday that a water examination has… 06-17 1885
2914 TEXT 광주 용봉천과 서방천 수질 크게 개선된다 The Water Quality of Gwangju Yongbongcheon Stream and Gwangju Seobangcheon Stream to Be Greatly Improved The water quality of two of Gwangju’s major streams, Yongbongcheon and Seobangcheon, wil… 06-17 1702
2913 TEXT 광주시와 한전, 사회복지시설 보일러 교체 비용 90% 지원한다 The City of Gwangju and KEPCO to Support 90% of Expense of Replacing Boilers at Social Welfare Facilities Gwangju Metropolitan City and the Korean Electric Power Corporati… 06-17 1840
2912 TEXT 2015 광주하계유니버시아드 공식 마스코트 기념우표 발행된다 The Official Mascot of 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade to Be Featured in Commemorative Stamp The Official Mascot of 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, ‘Nuribi,’ will be… 06-17 1840
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