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2828 TEXT 광주중ㆍ고교학교폭력,크게감소하다 The School Violence at Middle and High Schools in Gwangju Greatly Dropped School violence atmiddle and high schools in Gwangju area has greatly decreased, accordingto research conducted by the Ministry… 06-08 2073
2827 TEXT 광주 U대회 전국 순회 홍보단, 달빛 동맹 도시 대구에서 U대회 홍보 Gwangju Universiade Promotional Group Introduces the Universiade in Daegu The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiad promotional group visited bustling Dongseong-ro Avenu… 06-08 2008
2826 TEXT 광주, 이우환 화백 작품 최다 보유 Local Art Museums in Gwangju In Possession of the Largest Amount of Work by Yi Woo-fan Gwangju Museum of Art is reportedly in possession of some 35 works by legendary Korean modern artist, Yi Wo-fan. Some… 06-08 2214
2825 TEXT 광주시청, 다음 달 '시민의 숲'으로 바뀐다 Gwangju City Hall to be Transformed into 'Citizen Forest' The newly-refurnished City Hall in Gwangju is expected to be completed by the end of this month. The facilities and… 06-08 1966
2824 TEXT FISU, 메르스-광주 U대회에 영향 없다 FISU Reveals its Plan to Host the Universiade As Planned The main governing body of the Universiade, the International University Sports Federation or FISU sent an official letter to the organizers for th… 06-08 2060
2823 TEXT 메르스 타격, 유통업계에도 크다 MERS Hits Regional Distributional Channel As fears over the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome escalate, local retail and restaurant chains have been hit by lower sales due to reduced number of consumers. Man… 06-08 2061
2822 TEXT 518때 동참 호소했던 박영순씨 무죄 선고 May 18th Democratic Fighter Park Yeong-soon Found Not Guilty Previously charged for aiding the uprising against the military government during the 1980 May 18th Democratization Movement, Park Yeong-… 06-08 1969
2821 TEXT 광주전남 메르스 여파로 지역행사, 축제 등 차질 MERS Outbreak Cancels Local Festivals and Cultural Activities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo In the midst of growing fears over the spread of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a s… 06-08 1955
2820 TEXT 광주·전남학교 메르스에 학사 일정 방해받다 The Schedule of Schools in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province to Be Interrupted By MERS The schedules of schools in Gwangju and South Province area have been interrupted as events such as fiel… 06-05 2180
2819 TEXT 광주시교육청, 중국어 멘토링사업 추진한다 Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education to Carry Forward Chinese Mentoring Business Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education announced plans to conduct a mentoring business to encourage middle… 06-05 2014
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