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568 TEXT 2014 광주아트페어 29일 개막 2014 Gwangju Art Fair Kicks Off on August 29th One of Gwangju’s most representative art fairs, the ‘2014 Gwangju International Art Fair’, will be held from August 29th to September 2nd at Gwangju Kimdaejung… 08-19 2707
567 TEXT 김대중 노벨평화 영화상에 김동원 감독 Filmmaker Kim Dong-won Wins Kimdaejung Nobel Peace Movie Award The 2014 Gwangju International Film Festival nominated filmmaker Kim Dong-won as this year’s winner of the Kimdaejung Nobel Peace M… 08-19 2823
566 TEXT 전남도, 진도 경제 살리기 116억원 지원 Jeollanamdo Provides Financial Aids to Troubled Jindo Jeollanamdo will provide financial aid of up to 11.6 billion won to Jindo Island, which continues to suffer from the aftermath of the Sewol Ferr… 08-19 3156
565 TEXT 항공사 추석임시편 예약 오늘부터 Reservation for Chusoek Holiday Flights Now Available Reservation for flights during the Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving Holiday that is set to begin from September 6th will be available from today at 2 p.… 08-19 2697
564 TEXT ‘주말에 만나는 섬마을 사람들’ 체험 ‘Weekend Getaway to an Island’ to be Available from Yeosu The city of Yeosu is seeking a total of 30 participants for a ‘Weekend Getaway to an Island’ program to Gaedo Island and Yeojado I… 08-19 2665
563 TEXT 여수-남해 크루즈 1년여만에 재취항 Yeosu-Southern Coastal Cruise Resumes Operation Cruise operation linking Yeosu Expo and Seosang Harbor on the southern coast of South Gyeongsang province will be resumed after being halted for one year.… 08-19 2651
562 TEXT 박지원 의원, ‘북한은 대화 원한다’ Rep. Park Ji-won Says ‘North Korea Wants to Talk’ The main opposition lawmaker Park Ji-won representing Mokpo in Jeollanamdo visited North Korea on August 17th on invitation of the North Korean l… 08-19 2860
561 TEXT 광주전남 한빛원전 안전 협력 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Cooperate in Securing Safety for Hanbit Nuclear Complex The city of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have prepared a set of cooperative measures to secure the safety of Hanbit Nuclear Complex… 08-19 2702
560 TEXT 무안연꽃축제, 관광객 20여만명 찾아 Muan Lotus Festival Welcomed 200,000 Visitors Asia’s biggest lotus flower pond, located in Muan and its Hoesan White Lotus Flower Field welcomed nearly 200,000 visitors to the recently finished ‘20… 08-18 2822
559 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장 ‘세월오월 전시, 토론회서 이야기하자’ Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun Suggests Settling ‘Sewol Owol’ Issue in Debate In the midst of the growing controversy over the political satire of President Park Geun-h… 08-18 3081
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