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548 TEXT 광복절, ‘명량’ 열기 가득한 진도로 Recently gaining popularity as the major historical background of the movie, ‘Myungnyang’ that depicts the great battle fought by Korea’s legendary naval hero, Admiral Yi Sun-shin, in waters off… 08-15 3172
547 TEXT 광주전남 69주년 광복절 기념행사 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will host various commemorative events to memorialize the 69th anniversary of the Gwangbokjeong, or Korean Independence Day, which is celebrated yearly on August 15th. The city … 08-15 2768
546 TEXT 광주극장서 ‘광주시네마테크와 함께하는 영화 읽기’ ‘Reading Movie with Gwangju Cinema Tech’ at Gwangju Cinema Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Gwangju Independent Movie Festival, Jo Dae-yeong will host ‘Readi… 08-15 3014
545 TEXT 담양 대나무 박람회 시기 변경 Dates for 2015 Damyang Expo to be Changed Dates for the World Bamboo Fair Damyang 2015 will be changed from the previous June 27th for 50 days to September 17th for 45 days. According to the Organizing Commi… 08-15 2790
544 TEXT 새누리 김무성 대표, 광양 순천서 최고위원회의 개최 Saenuri Chairman Kim Mu-seong Holds the Supreme Council Meeting in Gwangyang Ruling Saenuri Party chairman, Rep. Kim Mu-seong, held the party’s supreme council meeting in Gwang… 08-15 3422
543 TEXT 세월호 실종자 가족들, 교황에 팽목항 방문 요청 Families of the Sewol Ferry Victims Ask Pope Francisco to Visit Paengmok Harbor Families of the victims from the Sewol Ferry sinking incident will reportedly ask Pope Francisco, who is… 08-15 3319
542 TEXT 전남우정청, 지역 특산물 30%까지 할인판매 Jeonam Regional Communication Office to Sell Regional Specialty Products at 30 Percent Discount Rates Jeonam Regional Communication Office has announced it will hold a ‘Special Chuseok Holiday… 08-15 2868
541 TEXT 대통령 풍자 ‘세월오월’ 전시관련 비엔날레 참여작가 탄원서 Biennale Artists File Petition Against Removal of Controversial Painting, ‘SewolOwol’ Amidst growing controversy over the city’s and Gwangju Biennale Foundati… 08-15 3090
540 TEXT 전남대 학생독립운동연구소, 광주학생독립운동은 제2의 3.1운동 CNU Researchers Discover Hidden Truth about GJ Student Independence Movement A group of researchers at Jeonam National University and its Student Independence Movem… 08-15 3068
539 TEXT 기아 ‘야구의 날’ 입장권 할인 23-24일 Kia Tigers ‘Baseball Day’ Special Admission Tickets to Go on Sale from 8/23 Gwangju’s professional baseball team, Kia Tigers, will host a special sales event for admission tickets at discoun… 08-15 3043
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