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508 TEXT 선암사∙대흥사 세계유산 등재 본격 시동 Suncheon City and Haenam-gun County recently participated in an opening ceremony of the World Heritage Registration Promotion Committee held in the Korean Buddhist History and Culture Center. At … 08-12 2989
507 TEXT 광주 사직공원서 ‘광주사직포크음악제’ 개최 The 2014 Gwangju Sajik International Folk Music Festival will be held on August 23rd at Gwangju Saijk Park. Organized by the Asian Culture Hub City Council of the Culture, Sports, and To… 08-12 3679
506 TEXT 낮 최고기온 평년 밑돌아, 선선한 날씨 계속 Relatively cool weather conditions with daytime temperatures lower than average have continued in August. The lowest temperature on August 8th, a day after Ipchu, the traditional beginning o… 08-12 2834
505 TEXT 조훈현•오정아 국수산맥 국제페어 공동우승 Korea’s professional Baduk players, Mr. Cho Hoon-hyun and Oh Jeong-ah, became co-champions in the International Fair Baduk Competition of the 2014 Kuksu Mountains International Baduk Champ… 08-12 3793
504 TEXT 장휘국 광주교육감, 자립형사립고 ‘조건부승인’ 거듭 확인 In the midst of the ongoing conflict between parents of students attending one of local autonomous private high schools and the Gwangju Education Office, Gwangju’s sup… 08-12 3078
503 TEXT 광주 U대회 내년 7월 2일 첫 경기 The official competition for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will kick off on July 2nd, one day before the official opening ceremony of the event. The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Organizing Comm… 08-12 2928
502 TEXT 이낙연 전남지사, 지역 내 리조트, 병원 투자 유치 활동 펼쳐 Jeollanamdo Governor Lee Nak-yeon has been making an effort to promote future investment and attract some prestigious resorts and medical facilities to the region. Accor… 08-11 3071
501 TEXT 여수시 ‘인구증가’ 아이디어 공모 Yeosu City will run a public idea contest for collecting citizen’s ideas to promote population growth in the region. According to Yeosu City, it will run an idea contest from August 11thto September 11… 08-11 2791
500 TEXT 진도군 스포츠 마케팅으로 세월호 여파 극복 Jindo-gun County in Jeollanamdo Province has recently tried to overcome the aftermath of Sewol Ferry Disaster through its sports marketing activities. According to the Jindo-gun County, since… 08-11 3344
499 TEXT 여수 거문도 백도 은빛바다축제 오는 13일 개최 Yeosu Geomundo-Baekdo Island Silver Ocean Festival will be held from August 13th to August 15th. According to Yeosu City, it will host the 14th Geomundo-Baekdo Island Silver Ocean Festival on… 08-11 3212
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