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448 TEXT 광주비엔날레 ‘광주 선언문’ 만든다 Gwangju Biennale Foundation to Release ‘Gwangju Proclamation’ An international symposium and lecture project aimed at exploring and promoting the spirit of Gwangju that was demonstrated during … 08-05 2788
447 TEXT 광양경제구역 규제 지정 해제 Restriction on Development in Gwangyang Free Economy Zone to be Lifted Starting today, two of the areas restricted for development in the Gwangyang Free Economy Zone will be free of the regulations that have l… 08-05 3040
446 TEXT 충장축제, ‘추억의 테마거리’ 조성 ‘Memorable Theme Street’ to be Constructed for Chungjang Festival Dong-gu district in Gwangju began preparation for Gwangju’s representative festival, the ‘7080 Chungjang Festival’ by… 08-04 3018
445 TEXT 여름과일 가격 급락 Prices of Summer Fruit Items See Rapid Fall Prices of representative fruit items harvested and sold in the summer season continue to fall with the price of yellow melons having fallen 28 percent, while watermelons dropped … 08-04 2967
444 TEXT 광주시 ‘클린교차로’ 10곳 추가운영 Gwangju to Run 10 Additional ‘Clean Intersections’ The city of Gwangju will extend operation of the ‘clean intersection’ program that is aimed at the management of illegal parking and violent… 08-04 3139
443 TEXT 양림동 선교사 사택 시민창작공간으로 Missionary House Sites to Serve as Creative Art Residencies in Yangrim-dong Missionary house sites in Yangrim-dong in Gwangju have recently been transformed into creative art residencies. Sponsor… 08-04 3264
442 TEXT 전남 중국 농수산 수출 2018년까지 1억달러 목표 Jeollanamdo Targets Export of 1.8 Billion Won to China by 2018 Jeollanamdo aims to increase exports to China by 1.8 billion won by 2018. According to the province, it will work to exp… 08-04 2918
441 TEXT 전남 교통정책 100원 택시, 버스 공영제 본격화 Transportation Policy in Jeollanamdo Reforms for Promotion of Greater Welfare Transportation policies mainly focusing on promoting the welfare of the residents in Jeollanamdo will be adop… 08-04 3001
440 TEXT 중국서 정율성 탄생 100주년 공연 Commemorative Concert for Jeong Yul-seong to be Held in Gwangju and Beijing In commemoration of the 100th anniversary since the birth of the Gwangju-born legendary musician, Jeong Yul-seong, a commemorative… 08-04 3041
439 TEXT 태풍 ‘나크리’ 비바람에 전남축제 일정 변경 Jeollanamdo Festival Dates Pushed Behind Due to Typhoon As the season’s 12th typhoon, NAKRI took effect across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo, major festivities scheduled to take place this pas… 08-04 2748
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