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1736 TEXT 광주 남구 무료 법률 상담서비스 제공한다 Gwangju Nam-gu district to Offer Free Legal Counseling Service Nam-gu district in Gwangju will reportedly offer free legal counseling service from Monday through Friday at the district hall’… 01-20 2357
1735 TEXT 호남지역 KTX 서대전역 경유 반대 목소리 확산 Opposition to Honam KTX’s Inclusion of Seodaejeon Station Grows Set to open to traffic in March this year, the Honam KTX’s finalized travel route is causing a major dispute among citiz… 01-20 2515
1734 TEXT 코레일 이순신 테마 여행 ‘명량 내일로’ 출시한다 KORAIL to Launch Admiral Yi Sun-shin Themed ‘Myeongnyang Naeilro’ Program Korea Railroad Corporation will launch an Admiral Yi Sun-shin themed train travel program entitled, … 01-20 2400
1733 TEXT 광주 LED 시장, 일본 진출로 확보 LED Industry in Gwangju Secures Headway Into Japanese Market The LED Industry in Gwangju has reportedly secured headway into the Japanese market through participation in the Japanese Market Seminar for Expor… 01-19 2538
1732 TEXT 영암, 3월부터 ‘100원 택시’ 본격 운영한다 Yeongam to Operate ‘100 Won Taxi’ from March Yeongam-gun district will operate a ‘100 won taxi’ in the region from March. According to Yeongam-gun district, it has been conducting a… 01-19 2442
1731 TEXT KTX 광주역제외 – 서대전역 포함 관련 반발 확산 된다 Exclusion of Gwangju Station in Honam Express Railway Faces Strong Opposition from the Region As it seems the Honam KTX route will exclude Gwangju station but include Seodaejeo… 01-19 2540
1730 TEXT 광주시, 계약심사로 110억 절감 Gwangju to Save 11 Billion Won Through Contract Screening System The city of Gwangju reportedly saved 11 billion won in budget funds through a contract screening system as part of efforts to cut production co… 01-19 2534
1729 TEXT 오늘부터 농협, 축협에서도 해외송금 가능해진다 Overseas Remittance to be Made Available in Nonghyup and Chukhyup Banks Overseas remittance service will be made available at 1,700 nationwide branches of Nonghyup and Chukhyup banks … 01-19 3490
1728 TEXT 오월 방문자센터 부활한다 May Visitors’ Center to Re-open This Year The May Road Visitors’ Center, that previously contributed in informing and promoting the May 18th Democratization Movement, will be re-opened this year from May. T… 01-19 2365
1727 TEXT 한일 시도지사 교류회의, 7년만에 재개 Korea – Japan Governor and Mayor Exchange Conference to be Resumed After 7 Years Halted for 7 years due to continuous disputes over Dokdo Island, which the Japanese government has continued to cla… 01-19 2816
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