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19222 TEXT 5·18기록물 활용 방안은…유네스코 등재10주년 기념 포럼 May 18 Archives to hold an academic forum from Wednesday. The May 18 Archives announced that it will hold an academic forum at its multipurpose auditorium on the 26th, under the t… 05-24 75
19221 TEXT 전남 고령층 백신접종 사전예약률67.8%…다음달3일까지 접수 Jeonnam to receive COVID-19 vaccination reservations until June 3rd. Jeollanamdo Province reported that the COVID-19 vaccination reservation rate here marked 67.8 percent for… 05-24 73
19220 TEXT "증상 발현5일 후 검사"…광주 축산물 유통업 관련12명 Gwangju reports COVID-19 cases linked to distribution industry The City of Gwangju added 17 additional COVID-19 cases as of 2pm on the 24th, raising the total cases to 2,726. Of t… 05-24 87
19219 TEXT '격리 중 줄줄이 양성' 광주·전남 밤새 12명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 12 infected patients found overnight among self-quarantined The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 12 new infected patients overnight. There … 05-24 82
19218 TEXT 2021광주디자인비엔날레…4차산업혁명 디자인 흐름제시 2021 Gwangju Design Biennale, 4th Industrial Revolution Design trend suggested The 2021 Gwangju Design Biennale with the title 'd-Revolution(디-레볼루… 05-24 83
19217 TEXT 광주 특별방역주간 1주일연장, 전남 2주간 특별방역대책기간 운영 Gwangju to extend Special Disinfection Week for 1 more week and Jeonnam to operate Special Disinfection Countermeasures Period for 2 week period Gwangju City decide… 05-24 85
19216 TEXT 5·18겪은 광주, 미얀마단체 초청 오월행동 행사 열어 Gwangju to hold a May Activity Event inviting Myanmar organizations Gwangju City has supported and formed solidarity with Myanmar people who are going through some similar incidents … 05-24 108
19215 TEXT 광주 온라인 일자리 박람회24일 개막…2주간 취업 지원 Gwangju opening Online Jobs Fairfrom 24th, supporting employment for 2 weeks Gwangju City is holding an Online Jobs Fair from May 24th until June 6th. This is to revitalize the … 05-24 140
19214 TEXT 광주광역시,드론 배송 시대 이끌게 된다 Gwangju to lead the drone delivery generation The City of Gwangju announced that the city and LIG Nex1 have been selected for the “200kg Cargo Drone Technology Development based on Hydrogen Fuel Ce… 05-21 127
19213 TEXT '4차산업혁명 이끌 종합박람회' 10월 순천서 연다 Suncheon becomes the place to hold “2021 Digital Innovation Technology Fair” Jeollanamdo Province announced on the 21stthat it has been selected for the government’s “2021 … 05-21 102
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