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14554 TEXT 여수해역 적조 비상…전남도,방제 활동 총력 Red tide advisory issued on Yeosu waters A red tide advisory was issued on waters between Yeosu’s Ando and Goheung’s Yeompo since 6 p.m. on Friday. It still remains in effect. The Nati… 08-26 35
14553 TEXT '광주형 일자리'복지 인프라 구축도 본격 시동 Gwangju speeds up creating welfare infrastructure for its job project As the foundation of the Gwangju Global Motor Co., LTD., a joint venture of Gwangju City Hall and Hyundai Motor … 08-26 40
14552 TEXT 김대중컨벤션센터 제2전시장'센터1주차장'에 건립 Kim Dae Jung Convention Center to construct new exhibition hall Gwangju City Hall is set to add more exhibition space to the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center. The plan to cons… 08-26 38
14551 TEXT 18pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be placed under cloudy skies with the last chapter of the summer heat lingering throughout this weekend. With active air movement, the dust levels will be measured in g… 08-23 44
14550 TEXT 양현종,방화에 사그라진 에이스의14번째 승리 Tigers’ Yang Hyun Jong fails to earn 14th win The KIA Tigers’ ace pitcher Yang Hyun Jong failed to earn his 14th win of the season even after pitching 8 shutout innings. During a game ag… 08-23 47
14549 TEXT 류현진, 7년 만에 한글 이름 달고 등판···양키스전은6년만 Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin to play with his Hangul name on back Los Angeles Dodgers’ South Korean pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin is set to start a game against the New York Yankees on Sa… 08-23 52
14548 TEXT '광주형 일자리'복지 핵심 노사동반성장지원센터 건립 Gwangju to establish support center for its job creation project Gwangju City Hall announced Friday that its plan to establish a worker-management support center has passe… 08-23 51
14547 TEXT 지소미아 종료-광주 시민단체 환영…"응당한 결과" Gwangju civic groups welcome termination of GSOMIA Gwangju civic groups welcomed the government’s decision to terminate the General Security of Military Information Agreement, so cal… 08-23 63
14546 TEXT 첨단지구39층 주상복합 교통 건축 심의 통과 Gwangju Permits 'Lotte's Building Construction in Ssangam-dong' on condition of 39 Stories Gwangju City Hall recently decided to permit construction of a residential complex in Gwan… 08-23 45
14545 TEXT 빛그린산단 광주방면 진입도로 개설 Gwangju to build access roads to the Bitgreen National Industrial Complex The road expansion plan for the Bitgreen Industrial Complex situated between Gwangju’s Gwangsangu and Jeollanamdo’s Hampyeong … 08-23 43
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