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19142 TEXT 5·18사적지 광주 옛505보안부대 원형복원 계획 차질 A restoration project of May 18 historic site has been disrupted. The City of Gwangju reported that it its restoration project of the former 505 security unit building has been disrupted… 05-11 123
19141 TEXT 광주시,실리콘밸리 투자유치 모색…"배터리 시장 선점" Gwangju seeks to attract investment from Silicon Valley. The City of Gwangju on the 11th held the “Silicon Valley Investment Round Table” event at the Kim Dae Jung Convention C… 05-11 138
19140 TEXT 광주전남61개 시민단체"광주-대구 고속철도 반드시 건설" 61 civic groups in Gwangju and Jeonnam raise voices for the Dalbit (달빛) Railway project 61 civic organization in Gwangju City and Jeollanamdo Province on the 11th held a … 05-11 128
19139 TEXT 광주시교육청, 18∼27일 5·18민주화운동 교육주간 운영 Gwangju Office of Education to operate May 18th Democratization Movement Education Week between 18th and 27th The Gwangju Office of Education revealed on May 11th that there … 05-11 122
19138 TEXT 광주 콜센터·초등학교 외부강사 확진, 수백명 전수조사 Gwangju Call-Center and Elementary School instructor confirmed resulting in hundreds of people tested Gwangju City had an external instructor invited to an elementary school test … 05-11 123
19137 TEXT 유치원부터 초·중·고까지 확진자 속출…광주 교내 확산 우려 Gwangju transmission from school causes concern, infected patients found from kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools There is rising concern about COVID19 trans… 05-11 135
19136 TEXT 41주년 5·18 기념식 민주묘지서 개최…참석자 99명 제한 41st May 18th Ceremony to be held at National Cemetery, limit of less than 99 participants The 41st May 18th Democratization Movement Commemorative Ceremony will be held at the May … 05-11 152
19135 TEXT 5·18 기록물 세계 유산 등재 10주년 기념 전시 대구서 개막 May 18th Archives Exhibition held in Daegu(대구) to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage registration There was an exhibition held in Daegu(대구) Gy… 05-11 116
19134 TEXT 광주서AI반도체 기술 개발 사업 추진…정부 공모2건 선정 Gwangju promotes AI semiconductor technology projects The City of Gwangju on the 10threported that a consortium involving local institutions has been selected for 2 government pro… 05-10 124
19133 TEXT 광주시, 5월18일'지방 공휴일'휴무 공공·민간에 독려 Gwangju to promote “May 18 Regional Holiday”. The City of Gwangju on the 10thencouraged the local area to take a day off on the “May 18 Regional Holiday” and partici… 05-10 119
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