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17276 TEXT 광주시, 수해 입은 시민·기업에 지방세 지원 Gwangju City to offer tax support residents and corporations damaged by rainfall Gwangju City revealed on Aug. 10th that there will be local tax support provided for citizens who had losses due … 08-11 164
17275 TEXT 폭우로 거목 쓰러져…광주 시립묘지 묘 120여기 훼손 Gwangju Municipal Cemetery has 120 graves damaged A landslide occurred at the Gwangju Municipal Cemetery, damaging 120 graves. This is according to Gwangju City on Aug. 10th that a … 08-11 112
17274 TEXT At least 10 killed due to heavy rain amid approaching Typhoon Jangmi 집중호우로 10명 사망·1명 실종 …"태풍 장미 오늘 한반도 상륙" There were 10 people dead within Gwangju Jeonnam region due to the heavy rainfall from Aug. 7th. Also… 08-10 121
17273 TEXT 광주 209·210번 확진자 비협조에 감염 경로 '깜깜이' Gwangju 209th and 210th patients uncooperative for infection route investigation Gwangju City is having difficulty obtaining the cooperation of the local 209th and 210th patien… 08-10 125
17272 TEXT '수돗물 공급 사흘째 끊겨' 전남 4개 시군 1만3천가구 불편 13,000 households in4 cities and counties in Jeonnam experience inconvenience of no tap water for 3 days There were 4 cities and counties in Jeonnam province experi… 08-10 127
17271 TEXT '태풍 길목' 여수지역 긴장 고조…국동항에 1천여척 피항 Yeosu(여수) has concerns amidst incoming typhoon With the 5th typhoon Jangmi(장미) arriving, the Yeosu(여수) region is especially on alert as it is in the path of … 08-10 116
17270 TEXT '광주·전남 특별재난지역 선포되나' 피해금액 눈덩이 Gwangju Jeonnam region considered to be designated as Special Disaster Region There was heavy rainfall of 500mm recorded within the Gwangju Jeonnam region between Aug. 7th … 08-10 138
17269 TEXT 제5호 태풍 '장미' 오후 3시 상륙 Typhoon Jangmi lands on S. Korea's southern coast at 3 p.m. Typhoon Jangmi(장미), the season's 5th typhoon, landed on South Korea's southern coast at 3pm on Aug. 10th. This is keepin… 08-10 121
17268 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총14,626, 총 28명 추가, 해외 유입 변이 바이러스 3건 확인 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 14,626, increased by 28, 3 new mutated COVID 19 strains detected Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 28 as of Au… 08-10 107
17267 TEXT '침수·누수·토사 유출'…광주·전남 36개 학교 폭우 피해 36 schools in Gwangju-Jeonnam area damaged by heavy rain There were 36 elementary, middle, and high schools within the Gwangju Jeonnam region that were damaged by the … 08-10 117
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