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860 TEXT 광주 문예회관에서 ‘퓰리처상 사진전’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographic Works on Display at Gwangju Culture and Art Center A series of photographic works that have previously won Pulitzer Prizes for on-line journalism, newspaper p… 09-25 3092
859 TEXT 아시아 스토리텔링 페스티벌 오늘부터 Asia Story Telling Festival to be Held from Today through the 28th The 2014 Asia Storytelling Festival introducing various folk tales and stories from Asia will be held from today for four days a… 09-25 2817
858 TEXT 광주 천변에서 미디어아트 페스티벌 열린다 Media Art Festival to be Held on Gwangju River The 2014 Gwangju Media Art Festival, featuring various media works from some 60 domestic and international media artists, will be held from Octo… 09-25 2831
857 TEXT 남도음식문화큰잔치 내일 개막 Namdo Food Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow Namdo Food Festival will kick off tomorrow and last through the 28th at the Juknokwon or Bamboo Forest in Damyang with the theme, ‘Taste of Namdo, the Healthy Table… 09-25 2848
856 TEXT 무등산 날씨 ‘QR 코드’로 한 눈에 Check Weather for Mt. Mudeung with QR Code Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administration will now offer Mt. Mudeung Weather Information Service through QR code on smartphones for nationwide hikers and … 09-25 2749
855 TEXT 광주시, 유니버시아드대회 추진상황 점검 Gwangju to Inspect Preparation Process for the Universiade The city of Gwangju was reportedly debriefed on the ‘Overall Preparation Process for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade’ yesterday… 09-25 2610
854 TEXT 광주세계아리랑축전 10월 3일 개막 Gwangju World Arirang Music Festival to Kick Off on October 3rd The Gwangju World Arirang Festival celebrating the Korean traditional music of Arirang will be held from October 3rd for two days at the As… 09-25 2916
853 TEXT 순천시, 10월 내내 다양한 가을축제 개최 Autumn Festival to be Held in Suncheon in October The city of Suncheon will host a series of different festivals celebrating the autumn season and the ecological and natural assets of Suncheon thr… 09-25 2724
852 TEXT 완도 청산, 보길도 코레일 기차여행 선정 Cheongsan and Bogildo Island as Best Train Tour Destination Cheongsando and Bogildo Island in Wando have recently been selected by the Korea Railroad Corporation as the 8 best train tour destinat… 09-25 2724
851 TEXT 만화가 윤태호, 광주 트라우마센터 강연 Cartoonist Yoon Tae-ho to Give Lectures at Gwangju Trauma Center The Gwangju Trauma Center will host a special lecture by well-known cartoonist, Yoon Tae-ho, at the May 18th Culture Center in Dae… 09-24 2799
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