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1862 TEXT 전남도, 산림문화자산 후보지 선정 Jeollanamdo Nominates Candidate Sites for Provincial Forestry Cultural Heritage Jeollanamdo recently selected a total of six forestry resource areas in the province, such as the Metasequoia Tree Road in… 02-04 3390
1861 TEXT 광주 시립 미술관 문화센터 봄학기 수강생 모집한다 Gwangju Museum of Art Culture Center to Recruit Class Takers for the Spring Semester Gwangju Museum of Art is currently recruiting participants for Culture Center classes. Its spr… 02-04 3452
1860 TEXT 나주혁신도시 이전기관들 호남 KTX 서대전 경유 반발 Relocated Public Organizations in Bitgaram City Oppose Inclusion of Seodaejeon Station on Honam KTX In the midst of the deepening conflict over the inclusion of Seodaejeon station … 02-04 3428
1859 TEXT 광주, 사랑의 온도탑 102도 달성 Donation Indicator of the Love Thermometer in Gwangju Reaches its Target Goal Gwangju Community Chest of Korea reportedly collected a total donation of 3.48 billion won, exceeding the target amount at 3.3 bi… 02-04 3465
1858 TEXT 아시아문화전당 특별법 표류, 개관 차질 우려 Special Asian Culture Complex Law Drifts Raising Concerns for the Opening of the Complex on Time The special Asian Culture Complex law, which specifies that the national government be the … 02-04 3408
1857 TEXT 광주 남구 대촌동 일원 첨단 산단 조성 Cutting Edge Industrial Complex to be Constructed in Namgu Dachon-dong of Gwangju An urban cutting edge industrial complex will be constructed in Daechon-dong area in Gwangju on a vacant lot that s… 02-04 3615
1856 TEXT 광주전남 혁신도시 생활편의시설 급증 Living Amenities in Bitgaram City Drastically Increased The number of living amenities in the Gwangju and Jeonam Joint Innovation City at Bitgaram has increased rapidly for the convenience of reside… 02-04 3451
1855 TEXT 광주 ‘고급 수제김치’로 아시아 시장 공략 강화한다 Newly Established Export Plans for Gwangju Make Kimchi Target Asian Market Following two different export deals that were signed with buyers from Vietnam and Japan this year, … 02-04 3158
1854 TEXT 광주극장, ‘화제의 한국영화’전 연다 Gwangju Cinema to Run Special ‘Korea’s Indie Film’ Showcase An array of Korean independent movies that were released last year and which garnered nationwide attention will be shown at the Gwa… 02-03 3321
1853 TEXT 광주시 - U대회 조직위 협력체계 가동한다 Gwangju and Organizing Committee for the Universiade to Run Joint Cooperation System The city of Gwangju and the organizing committee for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will reportedly coo… 02-03 3212
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