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790 TEXT 광주 초중고생 1인당 사교육비 23만 9천원 Monthly Private Education Fees in Gwangju at 239,000 The monthly cost for private education fees in Gwangju was tallied at 239,000 won this year, up 8,000 won from 2012, marking the 4th largest a… 09-17 2721
789 TEXT 광주과기원 교수 1인당 논문 피인용수, 세계 4위 GIST Professors’ Citations Per Faculty Rank 4th in the World Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology has announced that the number of citations per faculty of the school was ranked… 09-17 2876
788 TEXT 전남도, 4년간 취업자 4만 5천명 증가 목표 Jeollanamdo Aims to Increase Newly Employed to 45,000 by 2018 Jeollanamdo will reportedly aim to create some 45,000 new jobs from this year to June in 2018. The total number of employed pers… 09-17 2770
787 TEXT 신안 흑산도에 ‘박유천 도서관 2호점’ 문 열어 K-Pop Star Park Yu-cheon Fan Club Sponsors Opening of a Library in Heuksando Island Jeonam Shinan Welfare Foundation recently opened the ‘Park Yu-cheon Library’ named after K-pop or … 09-17 3025
786 TEXT 아시아 예술극장 탐험대 모집 Asia Art Theatre Expedition Group in Search Asia Art Theatre, one of the six cultural agencies in the national Asia Culture Complex, will seek participants for an ‘Asia Art Theatre Cultural Expedition Grou… 09-16 2792
785 TEXT 전남도, 해양헬스케어단지 유치 나선다 Jeollanamdo Compete in Bid to Construct Maritime Health Care Complex Jeollanamdo will join in the competition to win the bid for the construction and operation of a Maritime Health Care Complex sc… 09-16 3040
784 TEXT 담양 세계 대나무 박람회 성공개최 기원이벤트 Promotional Event for Successful Hosting of the Damyang World Bamboo Expo A promotional event for the successful hosting of the 2015 World Bamboo Fair Damyang will be held until Septem… 09-16 2857
783 TEXT 전남도, 영광군 한빛원전 방사능대책본부 운영 Jeollanamdo to Operate Radiation Response Headquarter for Hanbit Nuclear Complex Jeollanamdo and its 22 cities and districts will launch an independently operated Radiation Response Head… 09-16 2742
782 TEXT 한글날 전남도청서’ 우리말 겨루기 대회’ ‘Korean Speaking Competition’ at Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall on Hangeul Day To celebrate this year’s Hangeul-mal or Hangeul Day that commemorates the creation and promulgation of Korea… 09-16 2844
781 TEXT 광주시, 16-26일 사회조사 실시 Social Survey to be Held in Gwangju from Today to the 26th The ‘2014 Gwangju Social Survey’ that analyzes lifestyles and the social awareness of citizens in Gwangju caused by changes in society will be co… 09-16 2761
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