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1490 TEXT 광주거주 고려인, 권익보호 법문화 행사 Free Legal Guidance Service to be Offered for Goryo-in in Gwangju Gwangju Regional District Court has prepared and hosted a free legal guidance service event today at Saenal School in Gwangsan-gu… 12-17 3868
1489 TEXT 올 겨울 최대 한파, 내일 아침 영하 7도까지 Coldest Day Today, Morning Lows Dropping Down to -7 Degrees Celsius Heavy snowfall continues across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo with a band of rain and snow expected to bring a severe cold wave … 12-17 4033
1488 TEXT 국내 거주 고려인, 광주 U대회에서 통역요원으로 활약 Goryo-in to Volunteer as Translators for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Domestic Goryo-in or Korean diaspora that moved back from Russia and Kazakhstan will play a role as… 12-17 3886
1487 TEXT 올겨울 최저기온 기록, 광주 전남 눈 폭탄 계속 Coldest Day of the Year with Continued Snow Showers Today marks the coldest morning of the season and the cold wave alerts have been issues in many parts of Jeollanamdo with heavy snowfal… 12-17 3697
1486 TEXT 광산구, 아파트 경비원 처우 개선 앞장선다 Gwangsan-gu in Gwangju to Improve Working Environment for Security Guards in Local Apartment Complexes In the midst of nationwide attention on the poor working environment of security guards … 12-17 3803
1485 TEXT 전라남도, F1 경기장 문화공간으로 육성한다 Jeollanamdo to Facilitate KIC to Become a Cultural Space for Motor Sports Leisure Jeollanamdo recently released its plan to facilitate and develop the Korea International Circuit located in … 12-17 3816
1484 TEXT 광주전남 15cm 눈 예상 Snow showers of Up to 15 Centimeters in Store Snow showers and subzero temperatures have been taking effect across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo this morning with the morning lows plunging to minus 7 degrees Celsius in Gwangju.… 12-17 3664
1483 TEXT 아시아 문화거리 – 캐릭터 시티 조성 Asia Culture Street – Character City Street to be Constructed In preparation for the establishment of a culture and art-oriented city in Gwangju in time for the opening of the Asia Culture Complex… 12-16 3850
1482 TEXT 고흥 나로우주센터, 상설 미술관 개관 Goheung Naro Space Center Permanent Art Museum Opens A permanent art museum that showcases arrays of artistic installations mixed with scientific technology opened today at the Naro Space Center in G… 12-16 3862
1481 TEXT 광주 아시아문화전당 개관 9개월 앞, 정부 관심 필요 9 Months Until Official Opening of the Asia Culture Complex With 9 months remaining until the official opening of the national Asia Culture Complex in Gwangju, lack of cultural and… 12-16 3824
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