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720 TEXT 태풍 ‘나크리’ 피해 전남지역 임가 3억원 지원 300 Million Won to be Offered to Households Damaged by Typhoon Nakri in Jeollanamdo Some 300 million won will be offered to households in Jeollanamdo that were damaged by Typhoon Nakr… 09-08 2924
719 TEXT 광주전남 19개사 추석 앞두고 하도급대금 조기 지급 Some Local Firms Made Early Subcontractor Payments for Chuseok Holiday A total of 19 local firms have reportedly made early subcontractor payments totaling 300 billion won ahead of… 09-08 2998
718 TEXT 목포서 13일 ‘국제 파워보트 대회’ 개최 International Power Boat Competition 2014 to be Held in Mokpo The International Power Boat Competition 2014 will be held on September 13thin Mokpo City. According to Jeollanamdo province, … 09-08 2894
717 TEXT 완도군 ‘청산도 가을의 향기’ 관광상품 출시 Wando-gun County to Promote Tourism in Cheongsan-do Island for Autumn Season Wando-gun County is set to promote the regional tourism industry and attract more tourists to Cheongsando-Isl… 09-08 2934
716 TEXT 광주비엔날레 추석맞이 전시관람 이벤트 개최 Gwangju Biennale 2014 to Hold Special Event for Chuseok Holiday The 10thGwangju Biennale exhibition will be open every day during Chuseok holiday and various special events will be offere… 09-08 2975
715 TEXT 목포 해안저지대 ‘침수주의’ 9일 조위 상승 Flooding Watch to be Issued for Coastal Lowlands in Mokpo City Special caution is required for those who live in Mokpo City as a flooding watch has been issued for some coastal lowlands … 09-08 2728
714 TEXT 전라남도 추석 연휴 교통 대비책 마련 Jeollanamdo to Prepare Transportation Countermeasures for Chuseok Holiday Jeollanamdo has been operating a ‘Special Transportation Response Situation Room’ for this year’s Chuseok holiday and it … 09-08 2763
713 TEXT 추석연휴, 광주 의료 교통 문화정보 안내 120번 The City of Gwangju to Operate the Bitgoeul Call Center 120 for Citizens’ Convenience during the Chuseok Holiday The City of Gwangju will operate the Bitgoeul Call Center 120 during the Chu… 09-08 2790
712 TEXT 추석연휴 광주전남지역 체험•문화행사 풍성 Various Experience and Cultural Events to be Prepared during the Chuseok Holiday Various experience and cultural events will be prepared during the Chuseok holiday in the Gwangju and Jeollanam… 09-08 3059
711 TEXT 추석 연휴 날씨 전국 맑음, 구름 사이로 보름달 보일 듯 Sunny Conditions to Continue throughout Chuseok Holidays Mostly sunny and clear skies are forecast nationwide throughout Chuseok holiday and the full moon will be visible high in t… 09-08 2785
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