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1772 TEXT 정몽구 회장 잇단 광주 방문 Hyundai Motors CEO Jeong Mong-gu Visits Gwangju Hyundai Motors CEO Jeong Mong-gu made his second visit in a month to Gwangju, raising hopes for the successful operation of the Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation… 01-23 3437
1771 TEXT 독감유행 주의보, 광주전남서도 바이러스 검출됐다 Severe Cold Advisory Issued in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo In the midst of cold and windy weather, the number of patients with severe cold symptoms continues to rise and health authorit… 01-23 3521
1770 TEXT 광주 프랑스 문화원, 다채로운 프랑스 영화 소개한다 French Culture Center in Gwangju Introduces Array of French Films An array of French movies is being showcased at the French Culture Center in Gwangju, which rents books and movi… 01-23 3392
1769 TEXT 경기광주~광양 시외버스 신설 Inter City Buses Linking Gwangyang with Gwangju in Gyeongi Province to be Launched Intercity bus routes linking Gwangyang in Jeollanamdo with Gwangju of Gyeongi province will be launched and begin operation fr… 01-23 3446
1768 TEXT 신군부 강제이전 ‘518 시계탑’ 옛 전남도청 앞에 복원 Forcefully Removed Clock Tower to be Relocated to its Original Location at the Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall Forcefully removed by the military government in 1980 after the … 01-23 3611
1767 TEXT 전남도, 2018년까지 청년 일자리 2만개 창출한다 Jeollanamdo to Create 20,000 Jobs for Young Job Seekers in the Region by 2018 Jeollanamdo revealed its integrative plan to create 20,000 new jobs in the province by 2018 yesterday. Th… 01-23 3163
1766 TEXT 충북도, 청주시 ‘호남고속철 서대전 경유 반대’ North Chungcheong and Chungju city to Oppose Inclusion of Seodaejeon Station on Honam KTX North Chungcheong province and the city of Cheongju, previously silent on issues related to … 01-22 3493
1765 TEXT 호남 고속철 개통으로 김포-광주 항공편 직격탄 맞는다 ‘ Kimpo-Gwangju Air Route to Suffer due to Opening of the Honam KTX With the travel time between Gwangju and Seoul being reduced from the previous 2 hours and 40 minutes to 1… 01-22 3425
1764 TEXT 순천만정원 안내지도 디자인 공모전 개최 Design Contest for Suncheon Bay Garden Guidance Map to be Hosted The city of Suncheon will reportedly conduct a ‘Design Contest for Suncheon Bay Garden Guidance Map’ prior to the designation… 01-22 3369
1763 TEXT 중소기업진흥공단, 중국시장 개척 참가기업 모집 Small Business Administration to Recruit Participating Corporations for Researching Chinese Market The Small to Medium Sized Business Administration in Gwangju will recruit regional b… 01-22 3503
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