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373 TEXT 7.30 재보선, 오늘내일 사전 투표 Preliminary Voting for July 30th By-Elections Begins Today Pre-voting, first adopted in the June 4th Regional Elections, will be available starting today for two days for the July 30th By Elections. In Gw… 07-25 3927
372 TEXT 노인 기초연금 오늘 첫 지급, 광주전남 41만여명 Basic Pension for Senior Citizens to be Provided Starting Today Senior citizens nationwide will receive their first basic pension starting today and in Gwangju, more than 102,000 senior… 07-25 4014
371 TEXT 광주 출신 오지호, 임직순 작가 기업 소장품 경매 출품 Local Artists Put Artworks up for Seoul Auction Artwork of famous local artists will be sold at an auction today, which is organized by the Seoul Auction Company. Some 10 landscape… 07-24 4142
370 TEXT 지역대학, 의치약학계열 30% 지역학생 뽑는다 Local Medical School to Select 30 Percent of New Students Among Local Students In accordance with the enforcement of the Balanced Regional Human Resources and Support for Local Universities Act,… 07-24 3480
369 TEXT 내년 중학교 입학생들 SW교육 의무화 Software Education Program Obligation for Students From next year, all newly registered middle school students will be required to complete a course in Software Education, while elementary school students… 07-24 3636
368 TEXT 광주 송원고 자사고 지정연장 사실상 취소 Gwangju Songwon High School and its Status as Autonomous Private School May be Called Off The Educational Office in Gwangju approved the extended operation of Songwon High School as an autonomo… 07-24 4283
367 TEXT 전남 8개 시군에 천연 염색 체험마을 Natural Dyeing Experience Village in Jeollanamdo A Natural Dyeing Experience Village will be constructed in a total of 8 cities and districts in Jeollanamdo. The Gwangju and Jeonam Small to Medium Busi… 07-24 3608
366 TEXT 진도, 관광객 급감 주민들 생업 타격 Tourists in Jindo Fall Rapidly Damaging Tourism Industry in Jindo In the midst of nationwide mourning for the April 16th ferry sinking accident and ongoing search operation taking place in Jindo Island … 07-24 3615
365 TEXT 광주전남 장마영향권 Monsoon Rain Expected Throughout the Nation Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have been under influence of a monsoon front and the overall weather condition is expected to remain overcast with some heavy rainfall forecast for some pa… 07-24 3426
364 TEXT 완도 해변 피서철 바다체험 ‘풍성’ Wando to Feature Various Oceanic Experience Programs for the Vacation Season Wando-gun district in Jeollanamdo has prepared various types of oceanic experience programs for the summer vacation season … 07-24 3716
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