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763 TEXT 경남 합천으로 떠나는 역사문화기행 참가자 모집 Participants for Historical and Cultural Trip to Hapcheon to be Recruited The Regional Cultural Exchange Honam Foundation and the Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Cultural Heritage Alliance are… 09-12 2969
762 TEXT 추석연휴, 전남 휴양림 가족단위 캠핑객들 많아 Jeollanamdo Forest Lodges Welcomed Family Campers During Chuseok Holiday A total of 11 forest lodges or recreational facilities located in provincial forests welcomed more than 5,000 to… 09-12 2999
761 TEXT 호남고속철도 2단계 노선 확정 Second Route of Honam Express Railway to be Finalized The second route of the Honam Express Railway, linking Gwangju Songjeong Station and Mokpo, has been finalized, but concerns have risen over the fact that t… 09-12 3630
760 TEXT 30일이상 거주 목적으로 방문하는 재외국민도 주민증발급 Overseas Korean Nationals Visiting Korea for More than 30 Days Can Now be Issued Identification Cards Overseas Korean nationals visiting Korea who intend to stay in the coun… 09-12 2964
759 TEXT 다양한 가을축제, 남도에서 열린다 Various Autumn Season Festivals to be Held in Jeollanamdo A series of autumn festivals are scheduled to take place in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo, including the Gwangju World Kimchi Culture Festival, the 708… 09-12 2976
758 TEXT 광주 국제회의 박람회 참가자에 KTX 할인 Discount on KTX Tickets Available for Visitors to Gwangju’s Int’l Events Visitors to international symposiums, exhibitions and expos held in Gwangju will now receive a 20 percent discount on … 09-12 2934
757 TEXT 광주 동구 – 서구에서 재활용 장터 13일 동시 개장 Recycled Goods Market to Open in Gwangju Dong-gu and Seo-gu Tomorrow Gwangju’s biggest recycled goods market will be opened on September 13th and 14th in Gwangju’s Dong-gu and S… 09-12 3115
756 TEXT 전남도, 국제박람회 연달아 개최 Jeollanamdo to Host Various International Exposition Jeollanamdo has recently finalized and released a list of international expositions taking place in the province this year and next, such as the 2015 Int… 09-12 2746
755 TEXT 완도군, ‘청산도 가을의 향기’ 관광상품 출시 Wando-gun Launches Autumn Time Tourist Program Using Cheongsan-do Spotlighting the tourist attractions in Cheongsando Island, the Wando-gun district has launched a new tourist program f… 09-11 2970
754 TEXT 광주비엔날레, 개막 6일만에 관람객 1만 넘어 Visitors to Gwangju Biennale Surpass 10,000 in 6 Days Since Opening The total number of visitors to the Gwangju Biennale surpassed the 10,000 mark in the 6 days since its grand opening on S… 09-11 2992
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