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711 TEXT 추석 연휴 날씨 전국 맑음, 구름 사이로 보름달 보일 듯 Sunny Conditions to Continue throughout Chuseok Holidays Mostly sunny and clear skies are forecast nationwide throughout Chuseok holiday and the full moon will be visible high in t… 09-08 2811
710 TEXT 풍성한 한가위, 전국 곳곳에서 추석연휴 만끽 Korea’s Thanksgiving Day, Chuseok Today is Chuseok, one of the two major traditional holidays in the country. Across the country, many mountains and amusement parks will be crowded with peopl… 09-08 3273
709 TEXT 완도군, 추석연휴 가볼만한 여행지 선정 Wando a Must-visit Place for Chuseok Wando-gun district has prepared a set of recommendations for tourism attractions and historical spots to visit in the area during the Chuseok holiday that will… 09-05 3036
708 TEXT 광주시의회 18일까지 의정모니터 요원 모집 Gwangju City Council to Recruit Monitoring Personnel for Parliament The Gwangju City Council will recruit monitor personnel for administration and management of its city parliament. Monitor m… 09-05 4024
707 TEXT 영산강 승촌보, 추석맞이 행사 열려 Yeongsan River Seungchonbo to Host Chuseok Events Various folk events and performances will be held throughout Chuseok holiday at the Yeongsan River Seungchonbo area from September 7th to the 9th. Chu… 09-05 3011
706 TEXT 전라남도 생활불편 최소화 Jeollanamdo to Minimize Inconvenience for Residents and Visitors in Chuseok Jeollanamdo will carry out safety inspections of various public facilities in Jeollanamdo for the Chuseok holiday, including buses, passe… 09-05 3217
705 TEXT 광주전남 추석기간 교통대책 마련 Transportation Countermeasures for Gwangju and Jeollanamdo The city of Gwangju will expand the operation of bus routes from the previous 1,990 to 2,046 throughout the Chuseok holiday. Intra-city bus 51… 09-05 3016
704 TEXT 추석기간 광주전남 비상 진료체계 구축 Emergency Medical Care Service for Chuseok in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Emergency medical care service will be offered to citizens of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo throughout the Chuseok holiday. Follow… 09-05 3418
703 TEXT 광주 – 제주 저가 항공 시대 개막 Low-cost Airways Launched for Gwangju – Jeju Route A low-cost airline linking Gwangju and Jeju Island was launched for the first time yesterday and began operation. A commemorative ceremony for the i… 09-05 3090
702 TEXT 아시아문화전당 문화시너지 기대 Cultural Synergy Expected from Asia Culture Complex Leading up to the grand opening of Korea’s largest cultural facility in Gwangju, the national Asia Culture Complex, nearby streets and districts on Chu… 09-05 2892
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