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667 TEXT 열차 타고 떠나는 ‘여수 이순신 테마기행’ Tour to Yi Sun-shin Themed Historical Sites A train trip program traveling across historical heritage sites related to Korea’s legendary naval commander in the Joseon Dynasty, Admiral Yi S… 09-02 3163
666 TEXT 영광 불갑산 상사화 축제 19일부터 21일까지 Yeongwang Bulgapsan Festival to be Held from September 19th The 14th Bulgapsan Mountain Lily Flower Festival will be held in Yeongwang-located Bulgapsa Temple from September 19th for three day… 09-02 2996
665 TEXT 생활 속 인권 개선 아이디어 광주시 공모 Gwangju Looks for Human Rights Improvement Ideas The city of Gwangju will seek for ‘Human Rights Improvement Ideas in Life’ through a contest from today to September 30th. Anyone who is in… 09-01 2923
664 TEXT 전남도, 추석연휴 전 AI-구제역 특별 방역 Jeollanamdo to Take Preventive Measures on AI and Foot and Mouth Disease Before Chuseok Leading up to one of Korea’s biggest traditional holidays, Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving day, Jeollanam… 09-01 2967
663 TEXT 국립 아시아문화전당 첫 공연, ‘합격점’ Asia Culture Complex’s First Cultural Performance Well-received The 5th Gwangju World Music Festival that was held from last Friday to Saturday, introducing music from 9 different countries … 09-01 3052
662 TEXT 대졸취업률, 조선대 55%, 전남대 51% Employment Rate in Local Universities The average employment rate among university graduates in the Honam region reportedly stands at 58.7 percent, similar to the national average at 58.6 percent. The … 09-01 2889
661 TEXT 아시아문화전당 내년 8월에 완공 Construction of Asia Culture Complex to be Completed Next August Construction of the national Asia Culture Complex is scheduled to be finished next August, a month before the official opening of Korea’s … 09-01 2945
660 TEXT 보성, 서울서 ‘세계 명차 품평대회 개최’ ‘World Green Tea Fair’ to be Held in Boseong and Seoul The 2nd World Green Tea Fair will be held in the Boseong-located Korea Tea Culture Park and the Seoul COEX Center from September 11th… 09-01 3510
659 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장, ”정몽구 회장 만나겠다” Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun Says He Wants to Meet CEO of Hyundai Motors, Jeong Mong-gu Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun reportedly requested meetings with Jeong Mong-gu, CEO of Hyundai Motors … 09-01 3149
658 TEXT 518 기념재단 창립 20주년 학술대회, 518 폄훼는 민주주의 근본 부정 May 18th Academic Conference States That Defamation of May 18th is Denying the Roots of Democracy The May 18th Memorial Foundation hosted an international academi… 09-01 2956
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