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641 TEXT 전국 죽순 요리대회 9월 27일 담양 개최 Damyang Bamboo Shoots Cooking Competition to be Held on September 27th Previously selected as the main hosting venue of the ‘2015 World Bamboo Exposition’, Damyang-gun district will host the … 08-28 3261
640 TEXT 세월호 참사 수습, 6,200여억원 든다 Recovery Cost for the Aftermath of Sewol Ferry Disaster Estimated to be 620 Billion Won The total cost for recovery operations in the aftermath of the Sewol Ferry disaster is estimated to be around 620 … 08-28 3323
639 TEXT 아시아문화전당, 개관 후 연 45개 공연 Asia Culture Complex to Host 45 Cultural Performances a Year When Opened The national Asia Culture Complex, scheduled to officially open its doors to the public on September 4th next year, is expect… 08-28 3032
638 TEXT 황영조와 함께하는 무안 황토갯벌 마라톤 Muan Mudflat Marathon to be Held from October 3rd The Muan Mudflat Marathon that features Korea’s well-known Marathoner, Hwang Yeong-jo, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Marathon Gold Medallist, wil… 08-28 3168
637 TEXT 세월호로 연기됐던 고싸움 축제 9월 13-14일 Previously Postponed Gossaum Festival to be Held from September 13th to the 14th Previously postponed due to the Sewol ferry disaster and the national mourning following the tragic incident, th… 08-28 3168
636 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장, ‘자동차 100만대 생산’ 국비 지원 요청 GJ Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun Asks National Expenditure for Production of 10 Million Cars in the City Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun reportedly asked for the injection of national … 08-28 3073
635 TEXT 전남소방본부, 진도 경제 살리기 동참 Jeonam Firefighting Headquarter to Join Hands in ‘Reviving Jindo’s Economy’ Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters has announced it will join hands with Jindo-gun district to revive its economy… 08-28 2942
634 TEXT 광주전남 지자체, 현실적인 국비지원 촉구 Municipal Governments in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Request Reasonable National Expenditure Municipal governments in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have reportedly requested a more reasonable and realist… 08-27 2896
633 TEXT 중소기업중앙회, 외국인 근로자 고용허가 신청접수 Korea Federation of SMEs Accept Application for Employment Approval of Foreign Labors Korea Federation of Small to Medium Business has announced it will accept applications for app… 08-27 3273
632 TEXT ‘세월호’ 주제전 대인시장 미테우그로에서 ‘Sewol Ferry Themed’ Exhibition to be Held at Daein Market’s Mite-Ugro A ‘Sewol Ferry-themed’ exhibition to commemorate and memorialize the tragic loss of lives in the April 16t… 08-27 3328
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