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692 TEXT 목포항만청, 추석대비 수송대책 수립 Mokpo Maritime and Port Administration Establishes Transportation Measures for Chuseok Mokpo Regional Maritime and Port Administration has prepared a set of special transportation countermeasures to m… 09-04 2960
691 TEXT 광주 비엔날레 매일 10회 도슨트 프로그램 Docent Program Available 10 Times a Day in Gwangju Biennale There will reportedly be no closed day for this year’s Gwangju Biennale, set to take place from September 5th to November 9th with o… 09-04 3152
690 TEXT 2014 광주 비엔날레 오늘 개막 2014 Gwangju Biennale Opens Today A collective celebration of modern art and one of Korea’s biggest art festivals, the Gwangju Biennale will kick off tomorrow with the opening ceremony scheduled to take place… 09-04 2801
689 TEXT 국립나주박물관 추석맞이 퓨전 국악 콘서트 Fusion Gukak Concert to be Held at Naju National Museum The National Naju Museum will host a fusion music concert of Korean traditional Gukak and western music at the event hall inside the mu… 09-04 3376
688 TEXT 남도국악원 8일 ‘추석 특별공연’ Special Chuseok Performance for September 8th Welcoming one of the biggest Korean traditional holidays, Chuseok, Jindo National Gukak Center will host a special celebratory concert on September 8th. Ac… 09-04 2809
687 TEXT 광주 군공항 이전 주민공청회 어제 열려 Public Hearing for Relocation of Military Airport Held Yesterday A public hearing for the relocation of the military airport in Gwangju was held yesterday with the attendance of Gwangju mayor Yoo… 09-03 3006
686 TEXT 순천시 시민시정 평가단 모집 Suncheon to Recruit Citizen Evaluation Group for Municipal Administration Until September 12th, the city of Suncheon will recruit members for a citizen group, composed of adults and adolescents, to evaluate it… 09-03 2843
685 TEXT 가야금 병창 – 팝페라 공연 광주에서 Gayageum Chorus and Popera Performance in Gwangju The Korean traditional Gayageum Chorus and popera performance will be held in Gwangju tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at Owen Memorial Hall in the Christian Co… 09-03 2965
684 TEXT 내일 동아시아 문화도시 한-중-일 예술제 요코하마서 개막 East Asian Cultural City Festival Kicks Off in Yokohama Tomorrow The city of Gwangju will promote the artistic and cultural values of Gwangju in a 2014 Korea – China … 09-03 2825
683 TEXT 추석연휴, 국도 17호선 임시 개통 National Expressway Route 17 to be Temporarily Opened for Chuseok The national expressway route 17 linking Namwon and Gokseong will be temporarily opened during Chuseok holiday. According to Iksan Regio… 09-03 2999
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