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469 TEXT 광주시 중국 관람객 유치 위한 네트워크 구축 Gwangju to Build Network to Attract Chinese Tourists The city of Gwangju and its representatives, led by city mayor Yoon Jang-hyun who recently visited Beijing to promote greater exchanges… 08-07 2742
468 TEXT 한-일 청소년평화교류단 내일 일본 출국 Korea – Japan Youth Peace Exchange Group Leaves for Japan Tomorrow Composed of 24 high school students from Gwangju Metropolitan City and Goyang City in Gyeongi province, Korean participants of… 08-06 3550
467 TEXT 광주극장 내일부터 ‘그사람 추기경’ 상영 Gwangju Cinema to Show ‘The Cardinal’ from Tomorrow Gwangju’s one and only independent movie theatre, Gwangju Cinema, will show a movie that deals with one of Korea’s most well-known c… 08-06 2883
466 TEXT 2014 무안연꽃축제 8월 14일부터 17일까지 Muan Lotus Flower Festival to be Held from August 14thto the 17th The 2014 Muan Lotus Flower Festival will be held from August 14th to the 17th at Hoesan (회산) White Lotus Pond in Illo-eup (일… 08-06 3012
465 TEXT 전라남도, 태풍 ‘할롱’ 대비 예찰활동 강화 Jeollanamdo to Reinforce Monitoring for Typhoon HALONG Jeollanamdo has announced it will reinforce monitoring for possible damages caused by the season’s strongest and largest typhoon in … 08-06 4233
464 TEXT 광주 월드뮤직페스티벌 8월 29일부터 30일까지 Gwangju World Music Festival to be Held from August 29th to the 30th The Gwangju World Music Festival, showcasing worldwide musicians from 9 countries, including Korea, Cuba, U.S.A., India,… 08-06 3376
463 TEXT 해양수산과학관 청소년체험학습장 인기 Maritime and Fisheries Museum Gains Popularity among Local Adolescents Jeollanamdo Maritime and Fisheries Museum will be opened daily during the month of August. Welcoming the summer vacation s… 08-06 2850
462 TEXT 광주 군공항 이전 시민 공청회 열린다 Public Hearing for Relocation of Gwangju Military Airport to be Held A public hearing for discussing issues regarding the relocation of the Gwangju Military Airport will be held from September 2nd a… 08-06 2859
461 TEXT 장성 축령산에서 산소축제 16일-17일 Oxygen Festival to be Held from August 16th for Two days in Jangseong An ‘Oxygen Festival’ will be held from August 16th for two days at Mt. Chukryeong in Jangseong, where Korea’s largest phytocid… 08-06 2935
460 TEXT 강진 청자축제 매출, 방문객 역대 최고 기록 Record High Sales Revenues and Visitors at Gangjin Celadon Festival Despite the day early closing of the festival due to the approach of typhoon NAKRI, this year’s Gangjin Celadon Festival … 08-06 3086
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