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17401 TEXT 전남 담양서 첫 확진자 발생…탁구장서 마스크 미착용(종합) Jeonnam's Damyang(담양) with 1st infection case Jeonnam's DamYang(담양) County had its first COVID 19 infection case. The disinfection authorities dete… 08-27 43
17400 TEXT 광주광역시, 교회 집단 감염 발생에 거리 두기 3단계 격상 검토 Gwangju considering 3rd level Social Distancing measures due to Church cluster infection Gwangju City is considering elevating the Social Distancing measures to the 3rd… 08-27 90
17399 TEXT 가로수 쓰러지고 도로 잠겨…광주·전남 태풍 피해(종합2보) Gwangju Jeonnam damaged by typhoon With the season's 8th typhoon Bavi passing through the Gwangju Jeonnam region on Aug. 26th, there was damage reported. Due to the h… 08-27 58
17398 TEXT 광주 하천 52곳 수문 자동으로 여닫아…"홍수 조절 기능" Plan to automize Gwangju's52floodgates Gwangju'score rivers are planned to establish an automatic system that controls the floodgates. This is without onsite operati… 08-26 65
17397 TEXT 광주 확진자52.6% 무증상·5.9% 경로 '깜깜이' 52.6% of Gwangju Covid19 patients asymptomatic, 5.9% with unclear infection routes Gwangju City had an increased number of unclear infection routes for COVID 19 cases, raising the signi… 08-26 73
17396 TEXT "헬스장 이어 병원까지"…방역당국, 순천 코로나 확산 긴장(종합) Suncheon(순천) COVID 19 transmission alarms disinfection authorities Jeonnam Suncheon(순천)'s health club facility had a cluster infection cases which is now b… 08-26 65
17395 TEXT 광주·전남도 의료계 총파업 참여…대형병원 진료 공백 우려 Gwangju Jeonnam regions' medical field participating in the strike Gwangju Jeonnam regions' doctors are also participating in the 2nd strike of the Korean Medical… 08-26 66
17394 TEXT 태풍 바비 곳곳 강풍 피해 S. Korea braces for powerful Typhoon Bavi South Korea was on alert over Typhoon Bavi today as the season's 8th typhoon and one of this year's most powerful storms is expected to affect most of the country. … 08-26 61
17393 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총18,265, 총 320명 추가, 코로나 확산 다시300명대 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 18,265, increased by 320, COVID 19 new cases bounce back to over 300 Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 320 as of Aug. 26th… 08-26 63
17392 TEXT 태풍‘바비’북상.. Typhoon Bavi affecting Korean peninsula South Korea is on alert as it fell under the influence of a “very strong” typhoon today. The Korea Meteorological Administration said that as of 6 p.m., typhoon Bavi was 170 kilo… 08-26 60
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