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991 TEXT 광주 대남대로 15일부터 일부 차로 통제 Gwangju Daenam Main Street Closed from Tomorrow until December 31st Gwangju’s Daenam Main Street will be restricted for traffic from tomorrow until the end of this year due to the installation o… 10-14 4993
990 TEXT 진도서 ‘테마가 있는 자전거 여행’ 운영 ‘Thematic Bicycle Tour’ in Jindo to be in Operation Jindo-gun district will host a ‘Thematic Bicycle Tour’ from October 18th for two days at its vast biking path, starting at Shimi Po… 10-14 4584
989 TEXT 광주 군공항 이전 관련 ‘이전 건의서 제출’ Gwangju Submits ‘Relocation Proposal’ for Military Airport The city of Gwangju has submitted to the Defense Ministry an initial relocation proposal that requests the relocation of the m… 10-14 4419
988 TEXT 전남 진로 박람회 순천서 16일 개막 Jeollanamdo Career Path Fair to be Held in Suncheon from the 16th Jeollanamdo Office of Education will host the ‘2014 Jeollanamdo Career Path Fair’ from October 16th for three days at the Suncheon B… 10-14 4502
987 TEXT 무기계약 근로자 -> 공무직으로 명칭 변경 Permanently Contracted Workers Now ‘Public Service’ Workers Job titles for those who have been listed as ‘Permanently Contracted Workers’ will be changed to ‘Public Service’ … 10-13 4737
986 TEXT 인터넷상 역사 왜곡, 차별비하 폭발적인 증가 Historical Defamation and Derogatory Name Calling on the Rise Online historical defamation and derogatory name calling directed at the Honam region increased sharply over a two year period… 10-13 4687
985 TEXT 광주시 ‘자동차 100만대 생산기지’ 속도 낸다 Gwangju Speeds Up ‘Construction of 1 Million Automobile Production Plant’ Project One of Gwangju’s focal municipal projects, promoted by Gwangju mayor Yoon Jang-hyun, ‘Constructi… 10-13 4577
984 TEXT 전남도, 내년부터 100원 택시 가동 Jeollanamdo to Operate 100 Won Taxi Starting Next Year One of the key election pledges to improve provincial transportation in rural areas made by the Jeollanamdo governor, Lee Nak-yeon, the ‘100 Won Tax… 10-13 4612
983 TEXT 광주시청자미디어센터에서 올바른 방송뉴스 토크 콘서트 News Talk Concert to be Held at Gwangju Community Media Center A News Talk Concert to discuss the function and impact of accurate news reporting in various media will be he… 10-13 4496
982 TEXT 광주-전남, 태풍 ‘봉퐁’ 간접영향 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Under the Influence of the Typhoon, Vong Fong The season’s 19th typhoon, Vong Fong, will affect Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today, bringing rain showers of up to 50 millimeters in… 10-13 4637
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