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946 TEXT ‘KTX 타고 비엔날레’ 패키지 출시 ‘KTX – Biennale’ Package to be Launched Korea Railroad Corporation and its Gwangju branch has launched a special tour package that links KTX and the Gwangju Biennale. Anyone who uses KTX to v… 10-07 4790
945 TEXT 민선 6기 광주-전남 키워드 ‘상생, 민생, 혁신’ Key Words for Leadership in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo ‘Coexistence, Livelihood, Innovation’ With the municipal governments of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo having pledged to cooperate in p… 10-07 2938
944 TEXT 한글마을에서 한글축제 열린다 Hangeul Festival to be Held in Hangeul Village A Hangeul Festival will be held on October 9th at Geuman Village in Noan-myeon of Naju, known as Hangeul Village, on the day that celebrates the creation of the … 10-07 3003
943 TEXT 광주비엔날레 20주년 특별 강연, 포럼 열린다 Gwangju Biennale Special 20th Year Lecture and Forum to be Held A series of special lectures and forums to commemorate the 20th year anniversary of the Gwangju Biennale will be held from Oc… 10-07 2988
942 TEXT 광주 시 산하기관 비정규직 없앤다 Temporary Positions in City-affiliated Organizations to be Removed The city of Gwangju will change all temporary positions at the city hall and Gwangju Metropolitan-city affiliated organizations to perm… 10-07 3072
941 TEXT 여수시 하계 전지훈련팀 2만 6천명 유치 More than 26,000 Visit Yeosu for Summer Time Off-season Training The city of Yeosu has reportedly attracted more than 26,000 professional and amateur athletes nationwide from July to September for… 10-07 2796
940 TEXT 중국 국경절 기간, 16만명 한국 방문 160,000 Chinese Travelers Visit Korea for National Day Holiday A record number of Chinese travelers, more than 160,000, visited Korea for the national day holiday week from October 1st to the 6th. Ho… 10-07 2944
939 TEXT 9월 광주-제주 항공이용객 10만명 돌파 The Number of Travelers Between Gwangju and Jeju using Flights Surpasses 100,000 The number of air travelers between Gwangju and Jeju in the month of September passed 100,000, up more than 31,000 f… 10-07 2905
938 TEXT 무등산 정상 개방행사 오는 25일 Summit of the Mt. Mudeung to be Opened on October 25th The summit of Mt. Mudeung, which has been closed permanently to the public since 1966 for security purposes due to the air force and its station on its … 10-07 2993
937 TEXT 진도-해남서 영화’ 명량’ 무료 상영 10월 10-11일 ‘Roaring Currents’ to be Shown for Free on October 10th and 11th The mega hit movie ‘Roaring Currents’, that attracted more than 17.6 million movie fans to theatres this pas… 10-07 3134
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